Senior Saxon Reaux Provides this Week's Gym Talk!
Senior Saxon Reaux Provides this Week's Gym Talk!
Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hi Centenary Gymnastics fans,

This is senior Saxon Reaux, bringing you the latest gym talk on your favorite team! This past week has been pretty easy going as we had our first full week of school. We have been working hard doing strength and conditioning with our teammates and in open gym, while we are also gearing up for the semester ahead of us. Needless to say, we are all very excited to be back at school with our friends and teammates.

This week, we had our first 6 a.m. open gym with Coach Syl and Coach Ronni while Coach Jackie and Coach Morgan were out on a recruitment trip for the week. Our focus in the gym for this month is getting strong, so when the time comes, we are ready to throw big skills. At open gym on Wednesday, the upper-classmen really reinforced the need to focus on our basic skills, landings, and conditioning. Shout out to the freshies, for being out of the gym for almost a month traveling to PARIS and attending classes, then coming into the gym looking strong as ever! This is a testament to all the super hard work they put in at home this summer.

We have also been putting in hard work outside of the gym. Senior Allison Scates put together a fun pool workout for the Ladies this week. We put ping pong balls in the pool, swam to the other side to retrieve the ball, and brought the ball back until everyone on your team got a ball out of the pool.  This was a good way to engage everyone and make our pool workout more fun. Our main focus during pool workouts is to be tired and sweating when we get out of the pool. The pool is a great way to give our muscles and joints a break, all the while we get a great cardio workout in too!

As we prepare for this next week, we will continue to push ourselves inside and outside of the gym. We hope you all had a nice and relaxing Labor Day weekend and can’t wait to share next week’s gym talk! Thanks for tuning in J

Love you all,