Senior Taylor Le Moal Provides This Week's Insight into Ladies Gymnastics with Gym Talk!
Senior Taylor Le Moal Provides This Week's Insight into Ladies Gymnastics with Gym Talk!
Thursday, September 22, 2016

To all of the Centenary gymnastics fans, hello from the other side (of summer vacation)! I’m Taylor Le Moal, and I can’t believe I’m a senior! I’ve learned so much in my time at Centenary – both in and out of the classroom. I have grown so much as a student, athlete, and person. I can’t wait to see all of the exciting things which will happen this year, and I will make the most out of every moment.

We are starting to get in to open gym more, and everyone’s gymnastics is looking really good, especially for this early. We all are working so hard to make this season the best yet, and we are working hard in our pool workouts with the one and only AScates and our team-led conditioning sessions. We are not only growing stronger physically; we are also growing stronger as a team, and I am excited to have such a close-knit team this year.

Our team decided to run a mile for time this past Friday. For us anaerobic gymnasts, running a mile not only tests how physically in-shape we are, but also how mentally strong we are: if we can keep pushing through even though it is hard. The time limit we set was for everyone to make it in less than 7 minutes 30 seconds, which means it requires more mental fortitude to make the time. Everyone who ran the mile at the track passed on the first try with time to spare! Later that day, we went to the Fit Center for the “Comeback Queens” to do a modified mile test on the ellipticals. Even though everyone is in different places with their recovery, we still all did a great job! This is just a testament to all the hard work our team is already putting in to our physical fitness.

Also on the same day, we had Sister Reveal! This is when the freshmen get their big sisters on the team. We did a scavenger hunt around campus, eventually leading to the shell, and we took pictures with our new additions to our families and gave them their presents. Then we went as a team to an outdoor screening of The Aristocats. It was so much fun watching a great movie from my childhood and getting to bond with my teammates outside of the gym.

I have a great feeling about this team and about this season. As long as we keep working hard and striving to be great, we will have a great season this year!

Go Ladies!

Taylor Le Moal