Sophomore Tavia Smith Provides This Week's Gym Talk!
Sophomore Tavia Smith Provides This Week's Gym Talk!
Saturday, October 22, 2016

Hey Centenary Ladies Gymnastics enthusiasts!


This is sophomore Tavia Smith (aka Iced T aka TT) with this week’s Gym Talk! This weekend we had our annual team retreat at the Lake Shack! We started off the weekend with a bit of friendly competition. Friday after class, we all met Coach Jackie, Coach Morgan and Ronni at Wal Mart and were split into two teams for a cook off. Each team created their own menu, bought the ingredients and cooked the meal together at Coach Jackie’s house. The meals were judged by the owner of Marilynn’s Place and the new athletic director. Both teams did an amazing job! At the end of the day, the blue team (Bozz’s Bottle washers) came out with the victory over the pink team (Bozz’s Hash Slingers). Props to the pink team for making some killer potatoes and to the blue team for some out of this world grilled chicken and Oreo balls! Also, I would like to congratulate the grill masters Evelyn Harris, Allison Scates and Kendall Arasmith on doing an outstanding job and not catching yourselves on fire.

Saturday, we were back at the shack early for delicious breakfast tacos. Our awesome team-building coach, Shelley, came by to get the team bonding kicked off! We played relay races, Family Feud, and ran around the yard acting goofy playing Wizards-Giants-Elves. Our competitive juices were really flowing after all these competitions. (Side note: out of all the competitions, Blue Team came out with a 4-2 winning ratio. PS: We rock) After that, we went over our Core Covenants for this season: Trust, Excellence and Resilience. Saxon and Ashley got us started with a trust game where we had to be blindfolded, fall forward and trust our teammates would be there to catch us. Allison and Taylor continued the fun by making up a funny gymnastics story to teach us about excellence. Kaity finished off the Core Covenants by telling us about resilience. To go along with resilience, we each decorated a section of a huge letter “C” with magazine clippings of things that inspired us. Coach Jackie kept the crafting flow going by having us decorate bricks with paint pens with the words that keep us going every day. It was really cool to make the connection between the “brick foundation” we’ve been talking about in the gym and making a literal brick wall covered in things that are important to each of us. We ended our fun-filled Saturday with roasting marshmallows, s’mores, and a game of Comfy Chair. It was so great to get to know the new freshies on a deeper level as well as to better learn about my fellow returners. It was a weekend full of laughs and good times, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. 

Sunday night, we got back in the gym for our first practice as a whole team together! Shout out to Taylor’s mom for the beautiful new leotards we wore! Sunday was our first day of full routines on bars and beam! A few highlights from bars were Freshman Kendall Arasmith’s new combination of blind full to tkatchev, Junior Ashley White’s floaty piked jaeger and new Pak salto, and Senior Allison Scates’ sky high gienger. Also props to Big Al for her first double layout into the pit since her injury! So proud of you! The beam queens looked stellar as usual. It’s so great to see the solid returners as well as the new comers stepping up to the plate and hitting beautiful routines. Some new upgrades are Navia’s switch half and Saxon’s piked front toss. They are looking stellar ladies! Keep it up! The floor roars also came into their own on Sunday with their dazzling passes on the hard floor. Ashley, Kendall, and Cami Bea’s moon-grazing double backs are ones to watch for this coming season. In addition, props to Saxon and Elizabeth for doing passes on the hard floor for the first time since their surgeries. I couldn’t be more proud of our comeback kids and how strong they look!

Look out Ladies and Gents, cause the Centenary Gymnastics team is united, hungry, and ready to attack this upcoming season with reckless abandon. With this group of amazing women, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. #DEFEAT THE ODDS