Sophomore Liz Sander Brings Fans Gym Talk!
Sophomore Liz Sander Brings Fans Gym Talk!
Friday, January 6, 2017

Hey Centenary Fans! This is sophomore Liz Sander bringing you this week's gym talk, and wow, what a week it has been for your Ladies. The Ladies returned to campus last Tuesday and Wednesday so we could have some quality gymnastics-only days before school starts. We had six awesome practices in a week where we could all focus on the team, taking care of our bodies and getting ready for season. 

On New Year's Eve, we had our annual holiday party, where in the course of five hours we celebrated Christmas, New Year's and the beginning of Mardi Gras. Happy Christmas, Merry New Mardi Gras everyone! The evening was very fun. After starting with some mental choreography training, we spent the night doing our secret Santa gift exchange, and playing some very fun and very ridiculous games. After making pizza with our hands tied together, wearing balloon-filled pantyhose on our head as "antlers" and unwrapping presents with gloves on; your Ladies followed tradition with a beautiful outside fire, smores and some awesome fireworks from Mr. Dan. And then of course, we watched the ball drop and headed home. If you didn't follow our snapchat story New Year's Eve, you missed out on some gems. Just saying. 

After our New Year’s party, we hit the gym hard for a couple more days and then started 2017 off with a judged intrasquad, and it was awesome! For our freshmen, it was their first time competing in a Ladies Leo, which is always such a special day. Putting on that leotard is realizing a dream come true; something we have all worked almost our entire life to achieve. The freshmen competed 12 of our routines, and they did amazing! 

There were so many great routines it's hard to highlight just a few. Shout out to freshman Kendall Arasmith for a rock solid beam routine! And huge shoutout to senior Allison Scates (not even one full year out from surgery) for hitting a flawless bar and beam routine that gave everyone chills. Sophomore Natalie Scates competed for the first time after two surgeries, and sophomore Aspen Hattley is back on campus making our team feel complete again. The Ladies rocked the intrasquad, and we're ready to take on season!

Your Centenary Ladies are also ready for classes, as we had our first day back in school Wednesday. We are ready to do a repeat of our team GPA this semester as we achieved a 3.67 for the fall semester! Thanks for keeping up with your favorite Ladies and pay close attention because we start season in only eight days!!


Go Ladies!

Liz Sander