Senior Taylor Le Moal Brings Us Gym Talk!
Senior Taylor Le Moal Brings Us Gym Talk!
Monday, January 16, 2017

Hello to all the Centenary Gymnastics fans! I’m senior Taylor Le Moal, coming to you live with Gym Talk.

This week, we started the spring semester, and it is nice getting back into the swing of doing school and gymnastics. We achieved such a high team GPA last semester, and I know we will work just as hard to get an even better GPA this semester- even though we will be traveling a lot.

This week, while most of the other college gymnastics teams were competing in their first meet of the season, we had a bye week. This is great because we had an extra week of practice before we start our season, and we were determined to make the most of it. After the intrasquad, we knew what exactly we needed to do in order to perfect our routines and we worked very hard to implement those changes. We also got to practice bars and beam in the Gold Dome the past couple of days. This was a great opportunity to practice routines in our home arena, where we will be competing three meets later on in the season and to get used to differences in equipment. This was the first time for most of the freshmen to do gymnastics in the Gold Dome, and it was very exciting for them. We have been working a lot on competition sets: focusing on perfect form, sticking our landings, and making sure we practice our mental choreography and competition mindset before we actually compete for the first time.

I am so excited for our first meet in just a few days! We will be competing in the Ozone Classic against Illinois State University (who is in our conference), Temple University, and University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (a fellow Division 3 team) in Knoxville, Tennessee on Saturday, January 14th. Because it’s the Ozone Classic, we will get to wear our brand-new Ozone warm up leotards, which are so pretty. It will be great having everyone on the team travel to this meet, because there is always much more excitement in the air when the full team is there.  We have worked so hard physically and mentally in order to get to season, and we are prepared to start off this season strong! I can’t wait to get this season started!

Make sure to read next week’s Gym Talk, where there will be a recap of our first meet!

Catch you on the flip side,