Junior Saxon Reaux Checks in with this Weeks Gym Talk
Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hi Centenary gymnastics fans!

This is junior Saxon Reaux, bringing you the latest gym talk. This week has been pretty busy with preparing for our next intrasquad on December 6th, and knocking out our last bits of projects and papers before Thanksgiving break. We are all very excited to have this week home for Thanksgiving. I know the freshmen are especially excited because they were at school a whole month before any of us got back, so they could go to Paris. Although we have had many guests these past couple of months, it’s always nice to go home for some time!

This week in the gym, we have been very focused on accomplishing some last minute goals to help put our routines completely together. Coach Jackie wrote everyone's name down on our chalk board and gave them one or two goals she wanted them to achieve this week before we left for Thanksgiving break. Once you accomplished your goal you got to wipe your name and the goal off the board. The chalk board is a great way to remind us we just need this one little skill to be where we want, it definitely helps push us to get them achieved sooner. It’s also very rewarding to wipe away something you’ve been working so hard to get! Some people who wiped their goals off the board were; senior Casie Hood who did her new series on high beam, the top six floor workers who did full sets on the competition floor, Mackenzie Packer put her blind ½ on the competition bars and did her blind 1/1’s by herself, Allison put her double lay off bars on the competition set, and senior Noel Stubbs who twisted her vault onto competition mats!

As we head into Thanksgiving break, we are preparing for our next intrasquad, and though we did great at our first intrasquad, we still have a few more things to accomplish and everyone is making strides every day! The team is working very hard inside and outside of the gym. This past Friday, we had our first swimming pool conditioning day. We pushed through the workout in the pool, and freshman Vanessa Peterman, who is making her comeback, got to do a little swimming too! On Saturday, we had our best weekend practice yet. Everybody was so pumped and had high energy, which is always great. We had some amazing vaults, bar skills accomplished, and lots of good beam routines! Heading into break, we are very task focused and prepared to work hard over this week away from the team. We were given accountability partners, so we can keep in touch with one another and keep each other motivated while away from the team.

We have about six weeks until our first meet in Utah, and only thirteen team practices together before we head home again! We are all so excited and definitely getting eager to get back out on the floor and compete again! To end this weekend’s practices, we went around in a circle and shared with everyone what we are thankful for. It was very nice to share with the team what we are thankful, but more importantly to slow down for a second and really appreciate the people and things that have gotten us to this point. So shout out to our amazing coaches, parents, friends, and fans for all the love and support you show us! We really do appreciate it and enjoy having you guys in our corner! Hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving, and be sure to tune in for next week’s gym talk with junior Allison Scates.

Love you all,