Sophomore Natalie Scates Provides this Week's Gym Talk!
Saturday, November 5, 2016

Hello Ladies fans, this is sophomore Natalie Scates here with your weekly Gym Talk. Your Centenary gymnastics team had quite an exciting week. It started out a little rough, with a lot of tests, projects, etc..., but your Ladies cracked down as always and scored high. Shout out to our team captain Elizabeth Sander for getting the highest grade on the cell biology test. You go Lizzy-Poo! Even though we had a tough week, we had an exciting end with…you guessed it, RECRUITS! We were lucky enough to have one or two, but four gymnasts come tour Centenary and join us for all the homecoming activities.

That’s right, Homecoming Weekend was this last weekend, and you can bet your Ladies ate lots of gumbo, and watched some of our other Centenary athletics teams dominate. With homecoming, of course, brings parents and alumni back to campus to visit, which, as I am sure you can guess, led to an exciting Saturday night practice. Our team is making some major strides in the gym as we piece together bar routines, rack up numbers on beam, upgrade vaults, and put our tumbling on the floor. We’re starting to see routines come together and it’s exciting for all!

As if Saturday night practice wasn’t fun enough, Sunday practice was not only costume day, but also skit day. What is skit day you may ask? Only one of the single most exciting team activities of the year! Each class got together and prepared a skit to show our team. They were entertaining to say the least. When skits were done, we put our Ladies head-to-head on a beam intrasquad to test our ability to perform under pressure. Good job to all the Ladies that hit. After all of this, we wound down the week with a great conditioning session as we work to improve our strength and technique.

Well, that’s all I have for you guys this week. START TO STICK, EVERY FLIP! Talk to y’all again soon.



Natalie Scates