Our Final Gym Talk Brought to You by the S'Mores
Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Buckle up friends, this last gym talk of the year is coming to you live from the Cline kitchen. The six of us – Mack, T-Daddy, Navi J, Liz, Spin, and Nat (aka the S’Mores) – are here to tell you about the end of our semester. The first thing you need to know is we are currently baking cookies (shhhh don’t tell Coach Jackie it’s the end of the season and we’re only having one a piece… promise) and catching up since half of us just spent six days in Seattle and all six of us had separation anxiety. So without further ado, here is a nationals’ recap.

            The 10 Ladies who qualified to nationals as individuals left bright and early on Wednesday (5:30 a.m. to be exact *sheds tears) to head for Seattle, Washington. When we finally arrived, we went down to the pier downtown to explore and participate in our favorite activity in every city…. Souvenir shopping! P.S. I would just like to note that if you ever want to learn how to speed bike up hills, Seattle is the place for you. J

Thursday is when all the fun began with practice day. The first group of Ladies (Tavia, Aspen, Olivia, and Allison) were in the earlier practice while the other six Ladies (Navia, Cami, Taylor, Ashley, Delia, and Evelyn) went to practice later in the afternoon. Although the separation anxiety was real, practice went really well, and we were feeling strong going into competition day on Friday.

            The competitors were split into two different sessions on competition day with group one competing at 1 p.m. and group two competing at 7pm. The first session was highlighted by a strong floor routine from sophomore Tavia Smith for one of her highest marks of the year, an upgraded vault from sophomore Aspen Hattley, and a beautiful hit series from senior Allison Scates. So proud of our girl Spinny for competing her tuck full yurchenko for the first time! You nearly brought us to tears tbh…

            Session two was highlighted by strong performances from freshman Cami Bea Austin and sophomore Navia Jordan who received a 9.775 and a 9.8 respectively. In addition, our girl Ashley White qualified to event finals on beam scoring a 9.775. Congrats to freshmen Delia Ardoin on a beautiful beam set at her first national championships! Taylor Le Moal (aka Tay Tay) finished off her gymnastics career with a solid layout yurchenko. So proud of you Taylor! Also, props to Evelyn Harris for throwing her Maloney in her bar routine for the first time!

            On Saturday, we began our day by treking to Pike’s Place Market where we enjoyed the farmers market, where Navia and Cami Bea got attacked by pigeons, taking an adventure to the “Gum Wall” where Tavia decided to make her mark but failed miserably as the gum did not stick (peep the Snapchat), see the original Starbucks Coffee Shop, local bakeries, fruit stands, and seafood markets. But we just didn’t stop there, we took another adventure to an Argosy Harbor Boat Cruise on the Elliott Bay. Shout out to our Gym Moms who set this tour up! Sitting on the top deck, we got to see an amazing view of coastline, Seattle historic water front, the cities Skyline, a group of rejected sea lions lounging on a buoy, and to see first hand of how cargo ships operate with gigantic cranes. After all of our adventures, we decided to wind down and take a nap (or in Tavia’s case do even more homework…). At night, we went to the team finals competition and watched TWU win a national championship. Watching really got all of us pumped to work even harder to compete as a team at nationals next season.

            Day three of competition, most of us got to sleep in (with the exception of Ashley who was up and getting ready for the exciting day ahead of her) and got some studying done until it was time to leave and go support our beloved teammate Ashley. As soon as we got there, we staked out a spot in the top row of bleachers and began watching the gymnastics unfold. The meet started with two rotations of vault and beam, then later transitioned to more rotations of bars and floor. Ashley, who was in the second rotation of beam executed her routine beautifully and went on to score a career high of 9.875 and placed second overall. After the meet, the group of us went to Highliner Public House with family and friends where Jackie let us get whatever we wanted on the menu (LOOK AT GOD). What a treat! Most of us were excited to eat the Seattle seafood. When dinner was over, we returned to the hotel where we got to settle down, study more, and pack for the trip home. P.S. if you thought 5:30 was early, on the way home we left the hotel at 4:45 am to head back to Shreveport (*crying yet again). After a long day of travel, we were thoroughly pumped to reunite with our teammates we left behind.


            That marks the end of our competition season and the beginning of an even more fun part of the year… finals season. Be saying lots of prayers for your Ladies and our GPAs.


We know you want S’MORE ;) but this is last gymtalk of the 2017 seasonL Catch us on the flip side how bout that.

Love yall always,

S’mores (T, Spin, Liz, Navi, Nat, and Mack)


*No Mackenzie Packer was present during the writing of this awesomeness. Forget aussie.