Sophomore Evelyn Harris Brings us Another Addition of Gym Talk!
Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Hey Centenary Ladies fans! Welcome to this week’s gym talk.


Lots of things have happened in the last week. At the beginning of last week, the Ladies worked super hard to get ahead in school, as well as, finish up midterms. Now that we are halfway through the semester, we’re that much closer to our favorite time of the year- Competition Season. Shout out to my ladies that have worked super hard in and out of the gym. 

Last Friday was the start of our team retreat. We kicked it off with a cooking battle at the Lake Shack, and spent the weekend there as well. A special thank you to our guest judges. After our delicious dinner, each class performed a little skit for our own amusement. It was a great start to an even better weekend.

Saturday we were up bright and early to walk the pups, Clark & Jangle. After our morning walk, we had a healthy breakfast, and then our upperclassmen presented our core covenants, standards, and goals for the season. We did several different activities to practice our covenants, like trust falls off of porches and elevated surfaces. We also made Shrinky Dinks with quotes that will remind us of our passion for the sport and the things that motivate us. After lunch, we had a break time. Several of our ladies stayed at the house and studied for upcoming tests or napped, while a few of us went out on the lake with our beloved Dan. Shout out to Mack Pack for standing up on water skis for the first time, and Ken for her baby hops on the wakeboard. Not only did we have fun playing water sports, but Dan threw us off on the tube, which was a blast. Afterwards, we did another team building exercise. This time we prepared pizza with our hands tied together, we used our communication skills to have a yummy team dinner. When we were done with our pizzas, we gathered around the campfire ate s’mores, played games and told stories.

Sunday was one for the books. The Ladies had their first Intrasquad and SLAYED. We competed three events, starting on bars senior, Kaity Mussio, was our leadoff, followed by Bar Star Cami Bea, with a beautiful straddle back to handstand. I hit one of my best routines ever, with the Maloney. Freshman Sisi killed her bar routine! Next, our beam queens shined with grace and elegance. Shoutout to Ken for her flawless routine. Finally, on floor the Ladies showed it off, and went all in. I can’t wait to see what this team will do this season. 


Catch us next week!


Yours truly,

Evelyn Harris