Freshman Jerrica Harris Chimes in with Gym Talk!
Thursday, November 30, 2017

Hey Centenary gymnastics fans,

This is freshman Jerrica Harris bringing you the phenomenal news for this week’s Gym Talk! This week the Ladies were just returning from a few days off spending Thanksgiving break with friends, family, and other loved ones. It was great to get away from campus for a few days, but we were all anxious to get back and everyone returned very energetic and ready for practice even after a long day of traveling.

I was proud to see how well everyone kept up with their training over the break. We spent our first practice back together working some basics and parts for our routines. It was definitely fun to be flipping with all our friends again! As the season starts to get closer, I can see everyone’s routines starting to come together and I can see the consistency of skills improving daily. I’m so excited to see the Ladies kill it this season!

With finals quickly approaching, the Ladies continue to work hard, stay ahead in their classwork and focus on their studies to work for our team GPA. We have had a great semester so far, and I know everyone is determined to finish the semester strong. Shout out to all of the Ladies for making their academics a priority and doing so well in the classroom. 

Outside of the gym, the team has been working hard in our conditioning sessions, making sure we have the strength and endurance to be phenomenal this upcoming season. We use the Fitness Center on campus a couple of times a week to get some good conditioning and strength training in. This helps us to build our power for the leg events, and to get some cardio time in too. We are still finishing up some new choreography, and working hard to be competition ready before we leave for Christmas break. It is so awesome to see everyone working hard to be ready to compete.

Please stay tuned by following our social media accounts to see our upcoming home meet schedule.

Have a great week.