Senior Ashley White Prepares Fans for the Season with Gym Talk!
Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Hello Centenary Gymnastics fans! This is Senior Ashley White. The Ladies and I are super stoked because it is meet week!

The Ladies came back to campus early from Christmas break to get ready for our first meet this Sunday at Kent State! We spent an entire week before school preparing for the season. To top it off, we had our practice meet last Saturday! To prepare for this practice meet, we have been working on event intrasquads, endurance routines, skill repetitions, and more importantly, visualizing our routines.

At our practice meet, we all did a phenomenal job as we had more than six people compete on each event! As always, I am going to give several shoutouts to my girls: Good job Tavia and Cami for throwing your sky high double pikes on the real floor, Jenny competing on all four events after recovering from her injury, Delia for competing bars for the first this season, Cami for throwing her triple series, and more importantly, to all of my teammates who were fearless and confident competitors! I cannot wait to take on season with you all this weekend! I do not like to brag about myself, but I competed floor and beam for the first time since my shoulder surgery this past July. I am thankful to be able to compete with this team again!

As for the rest of my teammates and coaches, I just want to say you guys have made such an impact on me throughout these last four years. Going into my last season, there will be highs and lows, but I cannot wait to make more memories with you all. You guys have taught me of what it truly really means to be a Centenary Lady. Thank you for all that you have done for me. What I took away from this team, I will carry throughout the rest of my life.

Before I end this Gym Talk, I just want to ask for thoughts and prayers for a few of my teammates as they are currently working through some injuries.

Thank you all for tuning in for this week’s Gym Talk!


Tick, tick, BOOM!