Turnin' Two with Allison McClain
Tuesday, January 29, 2008



Hey guys, Allison here. As we inch closer and closer to the opening of our softball season, I find it exciting to know that the spring is here. Though, this past week has challenged our ways of preparation.


Battling the weather has been the biggest obstacle for us this past week. From rain days, to mild wintry mix, we have had to work around the forces of Mother Nature. Our team has continued to work hard and improve on little things that make us the team we aim to be. If you have ever been to a Centenary softball game, you might be impressed by how much knowledge and mental training goes into every pitch, hit, throw, and catch made between the white-chalked lines.  If not, you might want to consider a game or two.


As a team, we take great pride in the ability to have certain plays geared towards certain situations and almost always we come up successful in some aspect of the play. Take runners at first base and third base and defensively we are guarding against the runner scoring or the trail runner ending up at 2nd base. In this situation, we have over ten different plays that we prepare for or guard against. That is just a simple way of explaining the amount of thinking that goes into every aspect of our game. With that in mind, last week we spent a day in the Fitness Center focusing just on defensive strategy plays as the rain came pouring down onto our field.


Also, this past week or so, our team has been concentrating on live at-bats. It is always nice to have a little competition amongst the team every once in a while. Two days were devoted to intra squad scrimmages and once again getting back into the game-like mentality was much needed. I have to admit, though, hitting off our pitchers can be challenging as they might feel pitching to their hitters is a task at hand. But in the end, it hopefully will make us both much better.


Aside from the softball field, school is still a work in progress. Personally, I find it seemingly difficult to fight the stress of making good grades and keeping up with reading knowing it is just going to become much more hectic in a week. As a team, we are continuing to push through these last few weeks before the start of our official 2008 season.


And...in response to the Summit League pre-season standings for softball, I must say, they have it all wrong. We return 14 players from last season, bringing on two fantastic newcomers. Our pitchers are back and the offensive force is getting better and better each day. Western Illinois, Southern Utah, and North Dakota State all were placed ahead of us, but the interesting thing about college sports is the outcome can never really be predicted that early. As a team, we look to prove the Summit League wrong bringing home a conference championship for Centenary College.


Once again....we open play on Saturday afternoon against BPCC. The games will be played on their home field due to our incomplete dugout construction. Play will begin at 12 p.m. So come out to Bossier and cheer us on. We need your support. Go Ladies and Gents!


See you next week!


“I come to play everyday.” –David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox


For the love of the game,

  -Allison McClain