Mayo Field
Thursday, May 29, 2008

For most teams, success on the field is the result of hard work and preparation. At Centenary, the formula is no different as not only do we receive great efforts from our athletes, but from coaches, administration, and alumni as well. As a result, both the Gents and Ladies soccer programs enjoy fine facilities in which to train and compete.

Mayo Field has served as the home site for all Centenary soccer contests since the inception of the men’s program in 1979. Originally referred to as the Centenary Soccer Complex, the field was renamed in 2001 in honor of Lewis Mayo. Mayo, the father of former Gents player and coach Eric Mayo, lost his life heroically fighting a fire while serving the Houston, Texas, area as a member of the fire department. His family graciously donated the funds that allowed Centenary to erect a quality lighting system. The first-ever night soccer game at Centenary was played on August 31, 2001, against Georgia Southern University. A memorial to Lewis Mayo stands at the entryway to the field named in his honor.

Various other upgrades and additions have been made to Mayo Field over the past several years. New stands for seating were installed in 2000 that now allows for a crowd of 500 to comfortably cheer on the Ladies and Gents. A physical plant building was transformed in 2000 to house a new locker room and three offices for the soccer coaches and staff.

In 2001, a new building for concessions and restrooms was added next to the playing field to provide a better overall experience for all fans that visit Mayo Field.

2002 brought on several upgrades to the field itself. The chain link fencing that surrounded the field was torn down and new black iron fencing was installed to enhance the overall look. The playing surface was improved with the addition of an underground drainage system that will allow the field to remain playable in adverse weather conditions. Most recently, netting was hung behind both goals to limit the amount of balls that leave the playing area.

With contributions from generous alumni and friends of the college, the Centenary soccer program will look to continue to make a trip to Mayo Field an enjoyable experience for all of those involved.

The Sports Fitness Center is also a crucial component to the success of the Ladies and Gents programs. The $10 million facility, remodeled and expanded, reopened in 2000 with state of the art weight and exercise machines. Players can workout in the facility both on their own and as a team. Other features of the Fitness Center include: hot tubs and saunas, dressing rooms, a pool, classrooms, dance studios, and courts for basketball and racquetball.

In the fall of 2002, the Wilhite Media Room was completed in the Gold Dome. The room features stadium seating, a projector, and sophisticated computer software that allows teams to edit game footage in order to better scout and review opponents. The Wilhite Media Room is most commonly used as a meeting room for teams and staff as well as a working room for the media during events held in the Gold Dome. All press conferences are also held in the room.