AROUND the HORN with Allison McClain
Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fans, welcome back. Once again, I’m here to bring you the latest on Centenary softball and much more from Around the Horn.

It is hard to decipher what is more important to a team at this point in the season. I say this only because we have now played five Summit League games and haven’t yet reached our potential.

The most difficult aspect of this competitive game is to describe the amount of frustration I have, as a senior, playing ball knowing this is one of the most talented teams I have been a part of while at Centenary.

With a weekend off, we continued league play against UMKC on Monday and Tuesday. Coming into the series, we knew the importance of these three games. In games one and two, our pitching and defense got us through with two wins. Even though we pulled off those two wins, our hitting struggled to give us the run support we feel like we needed in each game we play.

With rain expected, we moved up our Tuesday game to 9 a.m. There is little is to say about the effort we put forth because it was a game that produced much disappointment on all ends. As a team, we failed to execute and come away with a series sweep—that’s about all I have to say, unfortunately.

As always, we have to continue as student-athletes to remember our team phrase, “What’s Important Now.” The game of softball has its highs and lows like any other sport, though as members of this team, our focus begins to shift when things aren’t going our way—however, that’s any team to say the least.

Again, with the most crucial part of the season in our hands, we have to continue to strive to be better than what we have shown. The most positive aspect of that is—we know we are capable of being much better.

Now 3-2 in Summit League play, we travel to Western Illinois this weekend. We are in need of a strong and successful series to balance out the inconsistent play of late. Look for us to make a run...

Leaving you with a little of my usual thoughts, I bring to you another one of my teammates. She is a lefty with unusual power. A quirky and fun friend...

 I introduce...


Bonnie Matak #3


Left Field

Richmond, Texas

Lamar Consolidated HS



AM: Major?

BM: Health and Exercise Science


AM: TV show you never miss?

BM: 24 and one tree hill


AM: Three words to describe yourself?

BM: sensitive, caring, hard worker


AM: Country you hope to visit one day?

BM: Australia


AM: What’s something you hope to do one day?

BM: Go on a hot air balloon ride


AM: Song you cannot live without hearing...

BM: All these things by Bullet for my Valentine


AM: Favorite food?

BM: Manicotti


AM: Being a Centenary softball player...

BM: has been a great experience!


AM: Celebrity crush?

BM: Channing Tatum


AM: What's your homepage on your computer at the moment?

BM: http://compaq-laptop.aol.com/


AM: Most embarrassing softball moment?

BM: When I broke the bat speed monitor and tried to hide by getting the homerun balls, and fell into the bayou while doing it.


AM: Who would you want to play you in a movie?

BM: Jessica Alba


AM: Best thing about game day is?

BM: No practice!


AM: Favorite class/professor at Centenary?

BM: Nutrition


AM: Favorite quote...

BM: "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."



Hope to see you out at our home field when we return from Macomb, Ill. Until next week...


“I come to play everyday.” –David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox


For the love of the game,

-Allison McClain #8