AROUND the HORN with Allison McClain
Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hello again, Centenary softball supporters! After a long and tiring trip back from Western Illinois, I write to you from home and bring you much more from Around the Horn.


A busy week of softball consumed most of our time last week after hosting UMKC on Monday and Tuesday, practicing Wednesday, then packing our bags and loading the sleeper bus for Macomb, Illinois.


Thursday morning seemed surreal as the bus awaited us the in the Gold Dome parking lot at 4:30 a.m. for our 5 a.m. departure to the lovely place where Western Illinois calls home. A trip that some of us remember to be a waste of time, when just two years ago we made the drive just to turn around after arriving, not playing a game due to inclement weather.


5 a.m. quickly turned into 12 noon, as we woke from our bunks to find ourselves in Sikeston, Missouri stopping for a late lunch at Lambert’s Café. A restaurant that was familiar to some became a remembrance to all after hot rolls were thrown to us from across the way. Strange as it seems, it was a carnival-like atmosphere with home-cooked food—an unusual place, to say the least.


Bus trips make for interesting days, especially when 17 girls share one enclosed space for over 15 hours. Most of the time, we found ourselves watching movies and for some odd reason, this season our team is determined to make it through every SAW movie. And that we did as we finally completed all five on the way up to Macomb.  Though, it’s like we read minds at times, when the lights go out, we all fall asleep.


Friday called for cold temperatures and that is exactly what we witnessed as we played both games in below 40 degrees. Leaving our 70 degree weather is never fun, but luckily we were able to play games this year on this trip. Game one didn’t go as planned. Facing the Westerwinds, who are currently in the top spot in the league, we struggled to put up hits against their ace, while allowing them to score 10 runs on us.


With disappointment and frustration creeping up after that short-lived performance, we knew we had to put the game behind us and move on considering we had another game to play in less than 30 minutes. Game two proved to be our game from beginning to end when senior Emerald Doria opened with a two-run shot to left center to put us ahead 2-0. A few insurance runs along the way and we secured a 4-1 victory and gave WIU its first Summit League loss this season.


Saturday’s game was unlikely from the beginning to be played, though we began to warm up inside WIU’s indoor facility in hopes of taking two-of-three from them that series. Rain and wind, along with temperatures near freezing kept us from playing, therefore, sending us back home with a split.

We traveled through the night, leaving at 12 p.m. and arriving in Shreveport at 5:30 a.m. A long day on the road allowed for some major team bonding moments. It also gave me a chance to watch some new movies that have been on my “to see” list for awhile now.


Our league record now is 4-3 and we continue play this Wednesday in a non-conference game against an in-state rival at Nicholls State. Following that game, we host South Dakota State on Friday and Saturday, as we look to sweep the Jackrabbits on our home field.


But before I move on...I would like to introduce another one of my teammates. She is a positive motivator and great friend—someone who is always there when you need a smiling face...


I welcome...  

Beth Krysiak #31


Catcher/ Third Base

The Woodlands, Texas

The Woodlands HS



AM: Major/Minor?

BK: I'm double majoring in Health and Exercise Science and Psychology.


AM: If you could be any tree in the woods, what would it be and why?

BK: An oak cause they are strong.


AM: What is the best part about playing Division I softball?

BK: Knowing that I get to compete against the best players in the country.


AM: 3 words to describe yourself?

BK: Optimistic, determined, and goal-oriented.


AM: My life would be incomplete without...

BK: My friends!


AM: Favorite softball cheer...

BK: Oh gosh...there are so many! Probably, the “I feel a shot coming on” cheer.


AM: Which celebrity could you see yourself being a best friend to?

BK: Jennifer Anniston


AM: Centenary...

BK: is my tiny home away from home!


AM: I always _____________________ before a game.

BK:  EAT!!


AM: What is your favorite professional athlete and team of any sport?

BK: My favorite athlete is probably Derek Jeter and my favorite Team is the team I grew up loving the New York Yankees!


AM: If you could be sisters with any of your teammates, who would it be?

BK: you duh!


AM: Biggest pet peeve?

BK: Talking behind people's back.


AM: Favorite class/professor?

BK: My favorite class is probably exercise testing and prescription and Shelly Armstrong teaches it.


AM: If you could pick the next president, dead or alive, who would it be?

BK: Jesus!


AM: Favorite quote?

BK: "The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart, this you will build your life by, this you will become." -James Allen


I hope to see everyone out at the ballpark this weekend. Have a great week. Go Ladies!


Until next time...


“I come to play everyday.” –David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox


For the love of the game,

-Allison McClain #8