AROUND the HORN with Allison McClain
Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Welcome back. Centenary softball and Allison here again for the second week in a row, coming to you—Around the Horn.

I left you last week with insight into preseason and our first tournament, but I bring to you even more exciting news from the softball diamond, as our team celebrates tournament win #2, while improving our record to 7-2 after claiming 1st in the Mardi Gras Tournament hosted by UL-Monroe.

Before heading into this past weekend, we took a few days off from a successful first few games. With Homecoming having been last week, our team participated in several on campus activities to show school spirit. We left early Saturday morning to play two games in Monroe, where we finished the day 1-1, beating Central Arkansas 2-0 and dropping a 5-4 game in 8 innings to Southeast Missouri. Sunday morning called for another early wakeup to play once again, SEMO, whom we defeated 10-2 in 5 innings and ULM, 6-1.

Over the course of the tournament, we were able to rediscover our own talents and what this team is made of after a very uncharacteristic performance in both Saturday games. On Sunday, bright and early, we arrived with a purpose. At times, we as players tend to get wrapped up in personal bests or poor performances as individuals, but in the end, as softball players, our understanding of a TEAM sport must always remain on top.

My coaches always remind us that it isn’t necessarily the end result that matters, but the process along the way. With that, we were reminded to come out with a much stronger and more focused approach to how Centenary softball plays this great game.

Coach Angus made a great point that was once said to her: “The game doesn’t care who you are.” As a TEAM, we took that personally and found a way for us to care about the game.

I would like to extend congrats to Tournament MVP: Caitlin Cavarra and the All-Tournament team: Alli Shepperd, Katie Matthews, and Jessica Bock.

Overall, we had a tremendous weekend with clutch hits, dominant pitching, solid defense, and a cheerful bench—which all contributed to our now, 7-2 record.

This week I would like to introduce my teammate:

Caitlin Cavarra #16

Second Base


Brentwood, TN

Brentwood HS


A: Major/Minor?

C: currently biology is my major and I have no time for minors

A: TV show you never miss?

C: 24 and Grey’s Anatomy

A: Music you tend to always find yourself listening to?

C: mainly alternative, country, and rock

A: A country you hope to visit one day?

C: Iceland

A: Song title to describe your life?

C: “Pocket Full of Sunshine” by Natasha Bedingfield

A: What are you looking forward to about the season?

C: Traveling across the country to play, the bus rides, Universal Studios, redeeming ourselves at the conference tournament

A: How does this team differ from last year?

C: There are a number of new people that bring alot of depth to the team and I think we can really go far

A: What’s a weird or unusual thing no one knows about you?

C: jumping in puddles is one of my favorite pastimes

A: Favorite quote?

C: “Hakuna Matata”

A: Homepage on your computer at the moment?

C: Comcast...boring, I know.

A: Favorite color?

C: Maya blue...look it up

A: Celebrity crush?

C: Clive Owen

We are actually playing today at Grambling. On Wednesday (tomorrow), we host ULM at home beginning at 5:30 p.m. Following this week’s games, we pack our suitcases and head to sunny Florida for a week long set of games and fun.

Stay posted throughout. Until next week...

 “I come to play everyday.” –David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox

 For the love of the game,

-Allison McClain #8