Ladies Gym Talk: Whitney Daugherty
Monday, August 31, 2009

Hi yall, it is Whitney here! I am one of the seniors on the team and I am more than ever excited for what this year will bring for the Centenary Ladies Gymnastics!   We have so many new things that we are doing this year which are going to make my last year so exciting!!!

Our 2009-2010 year started off with some of the returning members helping the freshmen move in and get situated in their dorm rooms.  We loved welcoming our new girls on to campus and giving them a little extra help with the move-in process.  This year we have five freshmen; Brittany Adams, Meg Crowley, Amanda Holt, Jessica Lieblich, and Christy Martinez.  I cannot wait to get to know these girls more!

On Monday the Ladies started our first day of school and had our first team meeting.  For some, this was the first time meeting our new coach Gretchen Goerlitz.  We are all extremely excited for what Gretchen brings to our program. 

On Tuesday we had our first team conditioning practice and official practice of the season.  This year we have a new conditioning program which will help us tremendously with preventing injuries as well as making us stronger to help us with our gymnastics.  This week Gretchen showed us the proper way to do all the different lifts which was great so everyone understands how to do it correctly.  We also started our sprint training this week which everyone worked really hard and did their very best!  This week in the gym we did a lot of basics and changed things up a little bit which was great.  Closer to the end of the week, some people did their series and flight skill up on the high beam.  Great job you guys!  Our bar squad really stepped up this week, swinging bars with numerous rips on their hands.  We solely worked basics this week on bars which is really going to help our bar team with skills and routines down the road.  Our vault and floor team got all of their starting points for tumbling into the pit and for the vault. 

On Tuesday our team made up our team mission statement which is what our team will be living by for the 2009-2010 season.  This is what our team stands for this year and I am very excited to share it with you!

We're close knit like a sweater
Workin hard till we get better
Have some fun, throw up a five
3.5 is what we strive
Positive is how we live
We role models it ain't no fib
In everything we're flexible
To you we are untouchable


On Friday our team did our first community service project for the year.  We helped with Friday in Pink which encouraged people to sign up for Race for the Cure and to educate people about Breast Cancer.  We had four different shifts starting from 6am until 6 pm.  Each group stood out by Youree Drive chanting "You are the Cure", collecting money, and having fun for a great cause.  My group which was Alyssa, Laura, and Christy got to stand on a cherry picker and chant cheers during our shift.  We had a blast!

On Saturday we had our first annual Senior-Freshmen pizza party!  This was so much fun!  The seniors this year decided to start a new tradition where we take the freshmen out for pizza and get to know them better.  It was so nice to learn new things about one another and share funny stories from the past!

Sunday is our FIRST team practice! We are all very excited to practice together because Sunday's are the only day we all practice at the same time! Everyone is dressing up as a Nerdy Gymnast...I'm pumped!  So stay tuned to next week's post to see how theme day turned out (maybe some pictures) and new updates on how the team is doing!

With much excitement,