Ladies Gym Talk: Makensie Lant
Monday, September 14, 2009
Hey everybody, its Makensie ready to tell you about all of the fun the team has had this week in and out of the gym. I am a junior on the team, and I am so excited for what this year has to bring. As our seniors have mentioned our Coach Gretchen has made so many huge changes just in the first few weeks of school that are going to benefit us so much throughout this year and the many years to come!

I know the last post by Courtney left you wondering about our next week's practices. Well I am here to tell you that they were amazing. Sunday night we had a GREAT team practice with "pigtail" day. There was so much energy and excitement in the gym that night; I don't think we stopped smiling. We finished our practice that night with telling everyone one thing that we accomplished during the practice, this really brings a positive vibe to the entire team.

This past week has been even better than the others, everyone has pretty much gotten over all of their soreness and we are much more relaxed now that we know what our schedules have to offer us. Although the practices are getting harder, we have been making it through by being there for each other.  Cheering each other on and being positive has made this transition a great experience. This week during our practices we have gotten to see a lot of new skills from everyone and we have all been excited to see what the freshmen have to offer, and what we have seen so far has been amazing!

On Friday we had a team "pool" party at Gretchen's apartment!! It was a lot of fun, although we definitely had to overcome some obstacles.  First we realized that our pool party wasn't going to be in the pool, because we were only allowed two visitors per person who lived there and since Gretchen is only one person compared to the 16 of us girls that didn't really workout. So we decided after we ate that we would go find somewhere else to swim...And then we ran into another problem the grill wouldn't work! We had made a fruit salad and some rice and queso dip, we just had to cook the burgers, hot dogs and chicken. Unfortunately it was a little harder than we expected. But we finally got everything figured out, got the grill started cooked all of our food and had a fantastic time laughing and telling stories with each other. Then we finished our lovely get together with Whitney's amazing banana pudding.

Stay tuned to see what our team practice had in store for us, and to find out about all the exciting things to come!!

-Makensie Lant