"On the Sidelines with Candace Rushing"
Friday, September 25, 2009

After our first loss of the season to Louisiana Tech on September 11th, my team made it a point to get better from that moment on. Since then, our practices, our focus, and our desire have surpassed many expectations. With the starving hunger to win again, Friday the 19th verses Nicholls State was a good night for us. Although the first half of the game remained scoreless, we finally pulled through with two spectacular goals in the second half. Crafty sophomore Chelsea Granger netted her fourth goal of the season while newcomer Kelly Fossard tallied her first.

Back on the winning side again, we were ready to travel to Monroe for our Sunday game and keep the routine going. Unfortunately however, our 2nd game this season was canceled due to field conditions. With conference games just around the corner, it is hard to progress on too many cancellations. Regardless, Coaches Chase Wooten and Glenn Evans took it upon themselves to make this past week challenging, yet constructive.

Two o'clock rolled around Sunday afternoon and all of the girls filled the bleachers for the Gent's first win of the season. Immediately after the Gent's victory we took the field for a grueling three hour practice involving conditioning, possession games, and defensive work. Required by NCAA rules, we took Monday as our usual day off. The following Tuesday and Wednesday practices were both full of instruction and improvement. Standing on the sidelines in practice as well as in games, I can literally see day to day improvement in all my teammates. Although I dislike sitting out, I truly enjoy seeing growth and development from the hard work put out in practice.

Friday, the 25th, is our last home game before conference games begin. We will compete against a tough Houston Baptist team, then the following Sunday we travel to Pine Bluff to take on another solid team. Come out and cheer us on as we take on HBU and keep us in your thoughts as we travel to Pine Bluff on Sunday. The drive to keep winning is in each of us. Help us keep it alive.

Lastly, here are three more of my teammates. This time I am introducing two seniors Kate Donnelly and Mattie Weatherspoon along with one newcomer, Allison Rucinski. Seniors, Kate and Mattie have made impacts on this program for a while now, although freshman Allison is not far behind. Keep an eye out on the field for these ladies. They are truly remarkable.

Kate Marie Donnelly "Don"
July 9, 1988
Hometown: Seabrook, Texas,
Favorite Cafeteria food: Build your own pizza
Favorite Inspirational quote: "If you aren't going all the way, why go at all?" - Joe Namath
Pre-game routine: I dress my left leg first, shin guard, sleeve, then sock, then I do the right leg. Put my normal running shoes back on, unlike everyone else, who puts their cleats on. We say our prayer and cheer. Walk to the potties, pee. Then when I get to the bench I put my cleats on.
Favorite professor: All of the Math professors, Thomas, Brandl, and Schlatter

Mattie Weatherspoon
Birthday: September 20, 1987
Hometown: Longview, TX
Favorite athlete: Peyton Manning
Biggest Pet peeve: Bad drivers, slow drivers, stupid drivers, drivers in my way, drivers that don't pay attention
Something No one knows about you: I couldn't sit still if my life depended on it; I'm extremely fidgety and squirmy
If you could play any other sport what would it be?: Swim

Allison Marie Rucinski "Al"
Birthday: November 30, 1990
Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Favorite Cafeteria Food: Chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes.
Favorite Inspirational Quote: "You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them"
-Michael Jordan
Favorite Pump up Song: "Come on Get Higher" - Matt Nathanson
Biggest Pet peeve: When people scratch their skin really loudly