Ladies Gym Talk: Tara Sandoval
Monday, September 28, 2009
Hey Fans, it's Tara writing to tell you all about last week! There were so many awesome events that took place!  I don't know where to begin!  First let me say that I am a junior and so excited for my next two years with this amazing team.  I wouldn't have chosen any other teammates or coach to be with.  Our coach Gretchen has made our workouts so much fun! From our warm-ups to work out, it's always a surprise and real exciting! 

I have to start off by telling everyone about our traditional "Sunday" practice.  Last Sunday was CrAzY SoCk DaY! Let me just say people turned their heads!  All I'm going to say is that someone on our team decided to make a full body suit of socks pinned to them! She had socks covering her body! Others had socks tied around their legs, arms, ponytails, and attached to clothing! Socks were everywhere on our team! It was so funny!  It definitely makes us love going to Sunday practice every week!  I know I am always waiting for what's going to come next!

Not only was Crazy Sock Day awesome but so was our recruit coming in!  Gretchen had her come to morning weights on Thursday to see what type of conditioning we do.  Our motto for our recruits is that we want them to know what we are all about.  This way they know exactly how our program is and they can decide if it's what fits them!  She also came to our workout Thursday night.  We had so much fun, and the recruit did also!  She got to see a lot of our skills put together for the first time.  We had so much excitement in the gym, it was unreal!  You couldn't hear the person next to you talking because everyone was screaming so loud for each other!  Seeing all of our amazing skills and everyone cheering for one another gets me so excited for our season! I just want it to be here already!

Friday was an eventful day for us! We had to take our pictures for our upcoming calendar and go to the awesome volleyball game as well!  I can't say where our pictures were taken but I can say that we had a lot of fun and they turned out really well!  So I think you should definitely buy one when they come out and check out our cool pictures!  In the midst of the pictures we went to the volleyball game, which was pretty intense!  The recruit really seemed to love the game, our school and our team and we loved having her here!

Read Marisa's post next week to see what fun things happen with the team!

-Tara Sandoval