"On the Sidelines with Candace Rushing'
Friday, October 9, 2009


Around the same time of the year last season, the Ladies soccer team had a record of 2-8 going into conference games. This season, however, the tables have turned and the Ladies are 8-2. Although I am not able to play on the field in practice or in games with my teammates, in my three years of being at Centenary, I have never been as excited for my team as I am now. Finally learning to be selfish with winning, we are more ready than ever to take on conference teams and succeed. Competing in our first conference game of this season this past weekend, we definitely proved ourselves.

Going to the national tournament and beating the number four seed Colorado last season, fellow Summit League school South Dakota has tremendous talent on the soccer field. Although last season a win for the Jack Rabbits was not too challenging at their home field versus us, this season was a different story. If you were not able to attend last Friday night, you missed one of the most thrilling games on Mayo field yet this season.

With no score in the first half, both teams went into the second half with instructions and desires from each coach to go out and put the other team away. Freshmen Hisa Turner and Kelly Fossard, along with Sophomore's Chelsea Granger and Katie Valdez each had opportunities to send the Jack Rabbits home with a loss. However, stellar keeper Dani Pappas did not let anything past her. Making foot saves on two occasions, she kept her team in the game. Doing her job in the nets as well, Sophomore Deb Hill made six saves for the the Ladies. Unlucky for us, one shot off the cross bar and a chest waiting for the rebound was all South Dakota needed to secure the win. From a not so close 5-0 game last season to a very close 1-0 game this season versus the Jack Rabbits, the conference tournament and beyond is within sight for the Ladies.

Although Friday night ended in a disappointing loss, a confidence not many people have felt reached the hearts of all the returners who experienced South Dakota last season. We were ready for North Dakota now. Traveling all the way from Fargo, North Dakota, the Bison were ready as well. Ironically however, the same weather conditions that we experienced last season on their home field in Fargo followed the Bison to Shreveport. Pouring rain all Saturday night and into Sunday morning, Mayo field looked like a lake by game time. After hours of debating whether to play Sunday afternoon or change flights to play Monday morning, the Bison decided to save four thousand dollars and head home. Although we were looking forward to another great game, the girls took the needed rest and began to recuperate from Friday night and prepare for Oral Roberts on Saturday.

Feel free to follow the bus on the six hour trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma as we take on a great Oral Roberts team. If you can not make it, simply keep us in your thoughts as we drive and play. Game time is Saturday night at 7:00 pm. Before you sign off make sure to check out three more of my teammates: Sophomore Katie Valdez and Freshmen Lindsey Luquette and Holden Penney. From all over the nation (Texas, Louisiana, California), these girls bring something special to the team. Get to know these remarkable student athletes.

Kathryn Marie Valdez "K-Val", "Valerie", "Val"

Birthday: September 20, 1989
Hometown: Southwest Alief; Houston
Biggest Pet peeve: Tied between Biting on Forks and A whistling Booger
Best soccer memory: Stepping on Mayo field for the first time with no heavy brace, J brace, Compression sleeve, or wrap on my knee what so ever
Funniest Memory of Chase: Our win against IPFW last year. We went into over time I got an assist from Cardwell and scored the winning goal. I look over and see my team running over to celebrate the goal with me. The best part was the rest of the team coming from the sideline along with Coach Chase, who beat everyone on the sideline and was running on the field waving his arms screaming "VALDEZ! VALDEZ! YOU SCORED A GOAL!! WE WON A GAME!!" His facial expression was priceless, along with celebrating the goal on the field by dog piling and jumping around with us.
Pre-game routine: Wake up on the right side of the bed, Watch some Joga Bonito commercials to get in the "mood" if time is available, and make sure I eat exactly 4 hours before game time.
Something No one knows about you: I wasn't allowed to feed the fish on my own; I would eat the fish flakes as a kid. They were salty.

Lindsey Marse Luquette "Linds or Lind-z"

Birthday: April 17, 1991
Hometown: Luling, Louisiana
Favorite athlete: Brandi Chastain
Funniest Memory of Chase: Him yelling "DEER!" when he saw a family of them on the side of the road heading back from Pine Bluff, Arkansas. This happened multiple times within ten minutes.
Favorite Inspirational quote: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13
Something No one knows about you: I went to 4 different high schools. 3 were in my freshman year because of Hurricane Katrina.
Favorite professor: Dr. Chirhart, I really don't know who else could keep me interested in biology for 3 hours!

Holden Grace Penney "HP"

Birthday: October 31, 1991
Hometown: Laguna Beach, California
Biggest Pet peeve: Messy notes
Funniest Memory of Chase: When he asked me if I could go back into the game while my nose was gushing blood after I had broken it.
Favorite pump up song: "Circus" by Britney Spears
If you could play any other sport what would it be?: Track
Favorite professor: Dr. Griffey