Ladies Gym Talk: Lauren Carlton
Monday, October 26, 2009
Hey ya'll, my name is Lauren and I am currently a sophomore at Centenary College.  This past week has been very busy with practice, meetings, community service, fundraising, and workouts.  Luckily with this very busy schedule we've had we have had some time off to rest this weekend. 

Last weekend ended fall break.  During that weekend we did community service at the Robinson Film Center.  Although we may have been a bit skeptical considering the time being from 5:00 to midnight on a Friday, it turned out to be so much fun! We got to experience the "high class" end of Shreveport.  The women were dressed in ball gowns and the men in tuxedos.  Our jobs varied from serving food, picking up trash, to dancing with guests! We were all extremely pleased with the event. 

On Saturday morning we all had to meet at the school at 10:00 am for our first annual team retreat.  We were unaware of what we would be doing, Gretchen just told us to meet there wearing comfortable clothes.  When we got there we found out that we were going to Chimp Haven.  This is a place where sick or injured chimps are taken to live and get the necessary care they deserve.  Chimp Haven is only open a few days out of the whole year so we were lucky get to go that day! After we went to Chimp Haven we had a team picnic followed by a very productive meeting where we discussed our goals for the upcoming season.  We came up with some great goals including all-around scores we want to achieve, certain amounts of sticks per meet, and goals for meet attendance.  I can't wait for season so we can start reaching our goals! 

On Sunday we had practice, the theme was "Pink" so we wore as much pink as possible.  We called ourselves the "Pink Machine." At our meeting Sunday night we discussed our goal from the past week which was being supportive, we decided we accomplished that goal and should come up with a new one.  Our goal for this week was to be positive and if a member of the team wasn't being positive we would draw a smile on their face with hot pink lipstick, take a picture of it, and then put it up in the gym as a reminder to be positive ALL of the time. 

Monday we got an unexpected text early in the morning saying that we didn't have sprints that morning. This was pretty exciting because this week was week 3 on our workout pyramid, (we have weeks 1, 2 & 3) which means workouts and practices are very difficult.  On Monday and Tuesday we had team practice at night, instead of having two separate times.  This was good because it gave the team a chance to all practice together.  On Wednesday morning we made up for having Monday off.  Gretchen decided to change things up a bit; instead of just doing sprints, we ran bleachers, did lunges, burpies, push-ups, wall sits, sprints, and more.  It was pretty tough, but that's what you get with week 3.  On Thursday we had weights in the morning and then instead of study hall at night we worked a carnival at Calvary Baptist Academy from 4:30 till 9:00.  We were suppose to have practice afterwards, but practice usually ends at 9:45 so we wouldn't have had time to accomplish much so Gretchen started our break a little early with giving us the night off. 

We had a break this weekend, having Friday, Saturday, and Sunday completely off.  We did not have practice, workouts, community service, fundraising, or meetings.  This was a much needed rest, which gave us time to catch up on sleep and homework.  Some of the girls who don't live too far away got the chance to go home and see their families.  The girls who stayed here got to attend Whitney's bridal shower and see some of the alumni!  It was a great break but now it's back to business!  Stay tuned for next week's GymTalk with my girl Melody Smith.

-Lauren Carlton