Ladies Gym Talk: Amanda Holt
Monday, November 16, 2009
Hey Everybody. It's Amanda Holt to start off another awesome week at Centenary for our gymnastics team. I am a freshman and the first freshman to write on our gym talk! How exciting!! I'm so excited to be in college and on such a great gymnastics team. I can say that everybody is pretty pumped for our future and is working extra hard in and out of gymnastics.

So Steph ended off with our camo day last Sunday, and wow that was a blast! Every Sunday is usually a theme day and it's a great motivation to come to the gym and see what everybody is wearing and it's just a blast to work out. Everybody was decked out in camo and they looked like they were about to go hunting! Everybody had a positive attitude coming in and out of workout. It was a team work day where everybody was there and some of the assignments involved team effort in order to get it done. This week was week 3 which means it was the hardest week of a three week pyramid. On Sunday we started full blown routines and started tumbling all our passes on the real floor. Everybody was a bit nervous but if Gretchen believes in us, we believe in ourselves.

As the week progressed the positivity went up. Everybody was working really hard to get ready for our intrasquad. The practices were a lot of team assignments and everybody was efficient and hitting their stuff. Laura Loy ended up doing a back handspring layout on the high beam, Stephanie Wright did a giant layout on pit bar and Maille Vetros is getting up on beam and doing her series!!! I'm so excited for all my teammates and the positive attitudes they all have. This week was really encouraging and everybody had an "I can attitude" We really got close this week and everybody was cheering their heads off for everybody and it was an awesome week!

We had three recruits come in this weekend and they got to come see our practice Thursday and for the most part they seemed to have a blast. As we had a blast with them! On Friday we went to Pie Works and ate out with them, and got to know them a bit more and then we all went to the volleyball game. We were really loud and cheering our hearts out to support our Ladies! I believe the recruits went home having a good feeling about what Centenary gymnastics is all about and I hope they had a blast and plan to come here next year. As my week is over and we prepare for our awesome intrasquad I hope you stay tuned for next week's write up and hear all about how the intrasquad went by Jessica Lieblich.