Ladies Gym Talk: Jessica Lieblich
Monday, November 23, 2009
Hey I'm Jessica Lieblich, a freshman, here to fill you in on the week before Thanksgiving break!  The week involved some awesome and memorial events which included this year's first intra squad meet and some awesome workouts that brought us closer as a team. This week taught us more than ever how to work together as a team and to accomplish a common goal.

The week started off with this year's first intra squad meet, which took place Sunday at Jill's Gymnastics.  Coach Gretchen decided that the team would split in two, underclassmen and upperclassmen. So, that Sunday, the underclassmen and upperclassmen individually gathered together to do their hair and makeup before the meet. Everyone on the team had an awesome time getting together to get pumped up. The underclassmen came in wearing colorful workout tops while the upperclassmen wore all black with bright red hair coloring.  As each team began warming up on each event, cheering and chants echoed throughout the gym. The underclassmen shouted "Go Undies" and the upperclassmen shouted "Go Uppers". Each gymnast was ready to display some awesome skilled routines for the meet, so they could be crowned the champions. The prize was decided that the winners would get ice packs made and water bottles filled for them throughout the week by the losing team. After the Ladies were finished warming up, a crowd began to show up to watch the meet. The team marched out as Coach Gretchen announced the underclassmen and upperclassmen. Then the gymnastics team had a fun time singing the Star Spangled Banner together.  Then the "undies" and the "uppers" got together to say their chants, which pumped each of us up. Each team moved to their first events and the competition began.

The underclassmen began on bars and the upperclassmen began on vault. The underclassmen displayed some great skills and made many great bar routines, while upperclassmen also did some awesome vault routines, which put them in the lead. Then it was off to vault for the underclassmen and bars for the upperclassmen. The undies did some amazing vaults and the upperclassmen also showed some impressive skills on bars. After two events the uppers were in the lead with the most made hits, but the undies were not far behind. Next, the undies moved to floor and the uppers moved to beam. The undies showed amazing made floor routines that put pressure on the uppers on Beam. But the uppers demonstrated that they too could perform some awesome hit beam routines. After the third event, it was still too close of a call to see who would win this competition. The gymnasts moved on to their final event, beam for the undies and floor for the uppers. The undies showed they too could hit some great beam routines and the uppers also showed they could perform some amazing floor routines. The results were tallied and it was determined that the upperclassmen won the competition. This intra squad meet was a great experience for the gymnasts and will help prepare us for the upcoming competition in January.

Monday through Thursday was a great time for the team to relax after some harder workouts in week 3. We all came in the gym ready to do some great gymnastics. The workouts were easier, which helped everyone's bodies recuperate. Some of the assignments involved team effort such as having to make a team round of hit series on beam. On Wednesday, Coach Gretchen decided we were going to have game day! We played the Queen game on beam and floor and it turned out to be so much fun!  There was even a Joker card in the game and that person had to do something creative and funny to make people laugh.

The week before break was so much fun for the Centenary Ladies Gymnastics Team. We all had a great time improving on our skills and routines while also having a great time enjoying the sport we love. This week was an exciting experience filled with improvement and fun at the same time. Also you have already read, Christy wrote a great blurb about how the Thanksgiving break was for the team.

Be sure to check back again for more updates soon!