Ladies Gym Talk: Christine Martinez
Monday, November 30, 2009
Hey everyone, its Christy here to catch you all up the Centenary gymnastics team's week. I'm a freshman this year and can't believe I am part of such a great team! I love my teammates so much!

We have all been working so hard since the beginning of school and it was nice to have a stress-free week for Thanksgiving. Once school got out on Friday everyone started to head home.

All of the freshman were very excited to get to head home for the first time since August and many of the other girls hadn't gotten a chance to go home either. Besides being really excited to see my family and friends, I was very excited to see my miniature daschund, Mancha!

Many of the girls gave other girls rides to airports or hometowns if they lived near each other. It was a great way to show team support to each other. Everyone got to spend the past week at home relaxing with family and friends. That doesn't mean we didn't practice!

We didn't want to lose any of the progress we had made so we made sure we went to our old club gyms and worked out and conditioned. Any time we worked out or conditioned we called our work out buddy to tell her how it went. We had work out buddies so we could hold each other accountable and so we would be able to come back to Centenary the strongest physically and mentally as we could.

Stay tuned for next week's Gym Talk by Brittany Adams!