Ladies Gym Talk: Brittany Adams
Sunday, December 6, 2009
Hey Centenary Fans! I'm Brittany Adams here with your gym talk. This week was quite the week back from Thanksgiving break. We all came back with smiles on our faces ready to get back into the swing of things, even though we still might have had full stomachs from our wonderful Thanksgiving meals. 

On our first day back, we started off with some sprints in the fitness practice. It was a little difficult, but it felt good. After sprints we made our way to actual gymnastics practice. All we had to do at practice was one routine on each event that had no falls. Some of us finished pretty quickly, and others had some troubles. The troubles only make us stronger in the end, and it tends to bring us even closer as a team in the end.

The next couple of days at gym were full of some sore bodies, but it was all good because we were only doing parts and halves to get back to where we were. Once Thursday arrived we started doing routines again. We even had a recruit come in on Thursday that was from Arizona!

On Friday, the juniors and the seniors ate lunch with the recruit. The freshmen and sophomores didn't get to enjoy lunch with her because we had some pretty exciting classes to sit through. Later on in the day for dinner the freshman got to take her to Canes for dinner, and then to Wal-mart. She got to see what freshmen did in their spare time once in a while. After Wal-mart the team took her to the baseball house for a Christmas party! The party was a lot of fun, and to make it even better everyone was dressed in green and red. After being at the Christmas party for a little while I took her on over to the soccer house while we awaited the arrival of her mother. She had to leave the following morning to return to Arizona.

On Saturday, we all took part in the half time show of the Centenary vs. UMKC basketball game. We got to show off some of our spectacular gymnastics skills for the whole audience! It was so much fun, and we all can't wait to actually start competing. Our half time show was only a little glimpse of what is to come from our team.

Anyways, stay tuned because Meg is going to inform you with this following week's activities. It'll be a good story too because it started off with a bang this Sunday!