Ladies Gym Talk: Courtney Hawkins
Monday, January 11, 2010
Hello fans!  You last heard from the other senior Whitney last week.  This week was our last week to practice before school starts.  It was a great week!

Monday's practice was full of excitement.  We worked on perfecting our skills and routines.  Practice went so well that our coach Gretchen told us that we could come up with our own assignment as a team for the next day.  Monday night was so much fun!  The seniors were in charge of dinner.  We cooked pizza for the team.  After eating, we watched 'Make It or Break It' as a team.  We then got together to make up a workout for the following day as a team.  Although it took a while to decide on a final plan, it was very fun working together and hearing what each person's concerns were. 

Tuesday was our last day of practice before our first day off of the break.  It was so much fun!  The workout that we came up with as a team worked really well.  We focused on teamwork, and on most of the events went one at a time so everyone could watch.  For conditioning, we decided to play a game involving teamwork.  We had to unfold and fold up a panel mat without using our hands; it was really fun!

Tuesday night was our Team Christmas party.  Family friends of freshman Christy Martinez allowed us to use their home for the night.  The freshmen were in charge of cooking for the night.  After dinner, we made cookies then decorated them.  We then did secret Santa and exchanged gifts.  It was really funny hearing everyone guess who their secret Santa was.  We spent the rest of the night playing games, relaxing in the hot tub and watching movies.  We ended the party by cooking breakfast as a team in the morning.

Wednesday was our day off to relax.  St. Luke's church was kind enough to provide us dinner that night at IHOP.  The next two practices went really well.  Thursday was "Fun Day" where we tumbled and vaulted up onto high mats.  Coach Gretchen was super excited and pumped everyone up for a great workout.  Friday was "Hawaiian Day".  Everyone dressed in their bathing suits and sunglasses.  It was so funny.

Saturday was our second day off of the break.  We spent our day working at the "America's Best" cheerleading competition in Bossier. We were given a lot of different jobs during the event such as; selling merchandise and stamping hands at doors, we then helped break the equipment down at the end.  It was a lot of fun!

We will be starting our second semester this upcoming week.  We are all so excited to get this competition season started!  Our first meet will be this Saturday at 7:00pm at the Gold Dome, so be sure to check back in with Makensie next week to see how it goes.