Ladies Gym Talk: Marisa Schneider
Monday, February 8, 2010
After having a week off, the ladies were ready for their Party in the Dome against SEMO. There was a lot of excitement at the beginning of the week because Coach Gretchen told us she had some surprises for the week. A lot of us questioned and tried to guess what some of these great surprises could be! Our first surprise of the week was finding out that we would not only have a meet at home on Friday but we would get the chance to travel back to Denton to compete with TWU, Air Force, and Northern Illinois! What a great opportunity!

Our next surprise was on Friday afternoon before the meet when we enter the locker room and there were brand new competition leotards hanging up in our lockers! What a great way to start off a great Friday night. That was not all of the surprises for that night...walking into the DOME things were set up in a different way than ever before, adding even more excitement to the night! The Ladies were pumped and ready!

This night was very special because it was our Club Gymnastics night, where all different club gyms came to watch the Ladies compete. We sure did enjoy being role models for each and every club gymnast out in the stands that came to watch us. Which brought back great memories of when we younger gymnast looking up to the older gymnast.

During the meet the fans were great...everyone was joining in with the cheers and clapping...the Dome sure was a Party! We were a family and it sure did show! A special thanks for everyone who came out that night for supporting your Ladies, it means a lot to us!

Saturday on our off day, a lot of us went to watch our little sisters from Jill's Gymnastics compete in the dome! It was a lot of fun and great to be able to watch them compete and support them in what they are doing because of our common love for gymnastics.

Sunday was the start of the super bowl which the Saints were going to be playing in. For most in Louisiana they could not wait to watch the game but for your Ladies we were going to Denton to compete at TWU. This was a great opportunity to get some more experience under our belts which is just what we did. During the meet we actually played a game, just to have a little fun! The meet was such a blessing because we will grow from our experience and we are thankful to have these experiences. It was exactly the performance we were hoping for, but now we are on a mission and we will learn from that experience!
I hope you can come join us at our Think Pink meet on Friday at 7pm in the Gold Dome were we will compete against Missouri! See you there

Marisa Schneider