Ladies Gym Talk: Stephanie Wright
Saturday, March 13, 2010
Hi everyone!!!

This is Steph writing to you again to update you on the awesome week we've had! This week started off really well with light assignments in the gym for our bodies, but we focused a lot on putting ourselves in the moment and practicing our meet mindset. We worked on this all week, doing mental choreography, cold sets, and pressure sets. We have also created our stick chart, which is a poster where every time we have a stick we mark it down and there is a target goal of 250 sticks by the end of the season. This poster is a little reminder to see how good we are at sticking our dismounts off beam, bars and vault and it helps motivate us to stick even more. On Monday we had 6 awesome recruits visit us!!! All coming to us from Texas, Arkansas, and even Pennsylvania! Some of them came to morning sprints and weights, as well as practice on Monday afternoon, and we showed them how hard we work and how much fun we have at practice. After study hall the team went to the Boardwalk with some of the recruits and we all got to know each other a little better while eating a delicious dinner!

After three days of very positive and promising practices we were ready to go to our meet at SEMO! As a joke the team told our senior Whitney Daughtery she would have to drive us there. She was definitely stressing about it until to her relief, she showed up to the Gold Dome and there was a huge sleeper bus!!! She got punk'd!! This was the first time for about half of our team to ride in a sleeper bus so we were all very excited. There were 12 beds, each with their own individual TV as well as couches and 2 flat screen TV's!! There was even a bathroom and a shower!!! It was crazy!!!! We also had the nicest bus driver ever! His name was Paul and he was part of our family for the weekend.

 Once in Missouri we did a quick cardio and abs set to get our blood flowing after the bus ride and then ate some dinner. The morning of the meet we had a lot of fun. We started off with team aerobics, which consists of some crazy dance moves, and then all got ready together. Our energy carried on throughout the entire meet! We started on bars and you could definitely see how much we have worked on our handstands and sticks. After bars was vault and floor, where we looked so powerful!! And then we came to beam where we ROCKED OUT!!! We looked so confident! Our family had so much fun and our hard work these past three weeks has definitely paid off. After the meet Gretchen treated us all to Texas Road House! We ate like the champions we were and then got back on the road to come back to Shreveport. Thanks Paul!!!  This travel meet was definitely one of the best I have ever been on, from the bus to the competition it was truly an amazing experience and I'm looking forward to our two meets next weekend!!

Stay tuned to see what next week's Gym Talk writer has to say. Have a great week!!!!

Love, Steph