Ladies Gym Talk: Amanda Holt
Monday, March 22, 2010
Hey everybody it's me again to tell you all about our awesome week! This week was so much fun I have so many awesome things to fill you guys in! Steph left off on our awesome meet as SEMO and I must say myself that was one of my favorite meets in my whole gymnastics career. But for this week it was even better! We had a killer practice Monday; we came in ready to go and just killed it. We all had positive attitudes and just had a blast! My face hurt from smiling so much!!

As we all know this past Wednesday was St. Patrick's Day and also our teammate Maille's 21st birthday!! And our coach surprised us with morning sprints at 7:45 instead of 6:45 and then led us on to do the Shamrock Shuffle and ran around the Gold Dome to find out that WE HAD NO PRACTICE!!! And then to make our day even better she treated all of us to green omelets!! Our coach is totally awesome!! We LOVE her so much. We all spent our Wednesday off of practice and went out to eat for Maille's birthday!

Soon enough it came to be Friday and we had an awesome meet against LSU. It was our senior night and our last home meet of the year.  We even surprised the seniors by decorating the locker room!  It was a sweet but sad ending to our home meets.   We showed LSU what it's like to be LOUD AND PROUD =D and at the end of the meet we had dedications to the seniors where we presented them with the gifts we made them as well as the gift from our coach. We are all very sad to see our seniors leave us after this year but it's time to let them go and spread their wings and we know they will always love and support us!

Saturday morning came, and the team got to travel to Missouri for another away meet!  The team got to rock it out on a stellar sleeper bus once again, but this time it was an even better bus and an even better road trip. Stay tuned for next week's gym talk to hear about the latest and greatest happening on the team!

Love Amanda