Ladies Gym Talk: Jessica Lieblich
Monday, March 29, 2010
Hi Centenary gymnastics fans! I'm Jessica here to give you the inside scope on the latest news of our team. This week was filled with so much fun, excitement, and anticipation for our upcoming competition! We put all of our effort, devotion, and hearts out at all of the practices leading up to our conference meet.

The week began with a day off of practice, which gave us time to relax and unwind after two meets last weekend. The day off gave us time to recuperate and bond as a team. Many of us watched movies and hung out together with our time off. Our team is so much like a family that even when we aren't together at the gym, we love doing things together! After our relaxing day off, we were ready to get back into the gym and work hard!

On Tuesday, practice was completely new and different! On each event we worked on our mental visualization training.  This assignment was definitely a new experience for each of us, but everyone did really well, and many people made and hit some awesome routines! This assignment was really cool because we all realized how mental gymnastics is. So if we visualize ourselves making our skills, we can make them in reality.

Another awesome practice was Thursday when we did routines on each event. Everyone worked extremely hard and so many routines were hit. The highlight of the night was when we went to bars. Our assignment was to do five routines, but Gretchen gave us a challenge and we're always up for a challenge. She told us that if the lineup made six for six on the first routine, we would only have to do a total of two routines. We all cheered so loud for each other that I bet people could have heard us outside. We were so supportive of each other and that pushed each person to put their complete effort and concentration into their bar routine. We each tried our absolute best and completed the challenge by making six for six!! It was so awesome to see our hard work come together and to know how much our team cares for each other!

By Saturday, everyone was pumped to show our Conference what we were made of! When we arrived at TWU, you could see it in each of our eyes how much we wanted to be there and have so much fun to doing the sport we love. Each one of us put all our focus and concentration into each routine and the rest of the team was so cheerful and supportive. We truly learned this year how to genuinely care for one another and we really became a family. In every one of our teammates we could see their love for gymnastics and for each other. Every one of us has grown so much as a person and an athlete!  This was definitely the most fun meet of the season and it wasn't because of the scores we got, it was our love for our team and our sport. Words can't even describe the feeling we had competing that night! We could see everyone having the time of their lives and giving all of their energy to be there for their teammates. 2010 Conference will be a time we will never forget! Go Ladies!