Ladies Gym Talk: Christy Martinez
Tuesday, April 6, 2010
Hey ya'll, it's Christy here to tell you what the ladies have been up to this week!

We started out the week by helping Gretchen move into her new house! Everyone who had a car drove to her old apartment complex and helped her pack up all her stuff and move it to her new house. It was such a fun and relaxing time to be able to spend with our family! It is such a great feeling to know that we love to help each other in every way possible.

While we were helping Gretchen, she announced that we have five individual qualifiers to Nationals! We are so proud of each lady that qualified and will be able to represent our school at this meet. Everyone who didn't qualify is planning on traveling to Denton to support our 'sisters' in the stands! I can promise that we will be the loudest ones there! J

Since we just had MIC conference we had a very light practice week. We got to sleep in every day this week and only practiced on Wednesday night. The ladies that qualified were required to go to this practice and everyone who didn't could choose to or not, but everyone choose to come support those who are going to Nationals! I love how much support we have for each other. This practice was very laid back and we are already training new skills! Watch out for the ladies next year, we are going to be unstoppable!

Since this weekend was Easter, Gretchen gave us time off from practice and allowed us to go home. It was great to be able to spend such a special holiday with friends and family. I hope everyone had a great Easter! Stay tuned for what happens this week.