Gym Talk: Melody Smith
Monday, March 7, 2011
Hey Gym Talk fans! I'm Melody and I am so excited to tell you all about the Ladies fantastic and eventful week!!  First of all, on Sunday the Ladies drove back to Shreveport from our awesome meet in Texas! As ya'll heard we did great at TWU and pocketed another win for our record!  Monday we started practice again, training really hard so that we can keep on improving our score!  We worked on routines on every event, making our routines more consistent and building our confidence! Then Tuesday we worked on individual skills!  We wanted to concentrate the main focus on the small details of our routines so that we could potentially save ourselves some tenths and boost our team score!! Then on Wednesday, we did our regular pre-meet practice.  This practice taught us Ladies several important lessons!  Then next thing we knew we were off to Missouri to have 2 meets and improve our team score!  We had a long 10 hour bus ride, but just like we always do, the Ladies made it FUN! We stopped at a gas station and played tag and did a little jumping around, and our bus driver Joe showed us his swag! It was a blast!

Then it was Friday, meet day! We competed at Mizzou and it was a quad-meet against Mizzou, SEMO, and Temple.  We started on bars and rocked it! We had a lot of energy and every one of us was focused on the individual Lady competing!  Even though we had to count some falls on beam, overall it was a great meet!  We all tried our best until the very end and we didn't let the other teams or each other's routine affect our own!  We did a great job and took all the lessons we learned from practice and applied them to the meet! We also learned a lot about ourselves at Mizzou and we are definitely going to carry those lessons learned and apply them at SEMO!! But before you find out about how the SEMO competition went, let me tell you about our stop in the beautiful city of St. Louis where we took a little detour to on Saturday.

In St. Louis, we went on the Anheuser Busch tour! It was really neat and interesting to see how the different types of beer were made! We also learned a lot of cool facts about the Anheuser Busch Company; like one of the buildings that is now part of the company used to be an elementary school back in the day!  We also went to a museum below the St. Louis arch! It was very interesting!  We learned all about America's expansion to the Wild West! There were several statues of famous people in history and they could talk to you and tell you about themselves! It was so neat! Also, it's Mardi Gras and as it turns out St. Louis has the second biggest party in the United States, aside from New Orleans of course!  So that was very interesting and entertaining to see as we drove through the city on our bus!

After our extravaganza in St. Louis we were headed to SEMO, which brings us to today!  As I write to you today, I am sitting in our hotel in good ole' Cape Girardeau with some of the coolest teammates in the whole world, cranking some music, solidifying our hair and makeup and getting pumped for our meet against SEMO!  We are all so excited and ready to just go out there and have fun, especially since this is the start of our Mardi Gras Break at Centenary!  We know our goals and we know exactly how to accomplish them!  Stay tuned to find out how we do here and to hear about our journey to Alaska next weekend!  Until then have a great week! And thanks for reading!