"Front & Center" w/ Candace Rushing
Tuesday, September 14, 2010

On Tuesday, September 7th, my teammates and I traveled down to Pineville, Louisiana to compete in our very first game against a future American Southwest Conference opponent. The drive took longer than expected due to heavy rain south of Shreveport, however eventually we made it to Louisiana College, home of the Wildcats.

For the first time on a turf field this season, my team did a decent job adjusting quickly to the fast pace of the ball as well as the wet conditions due to the rain. Although Louisiana College put up a valiant effort, competing for every ball, my teammates and I were hungry for a win after our loss to Pine Bluff. Laura Immenschuh and Holden Penney remained on the sidelines in order to recuperate from Monroe injuries. Regardless of having two starters out however, we walked off of the Wildcat's turf with a 4-0 victory.

Sophomore Kelly Fossard found the back of the net from an assist by me for her first goal of the season at just the 6:53 minute mark. Having some inspiration from Fossard, I then produced  my second goal of the season with a beautiful cross from sophomore Allie Cortes in her first assist of her career at Centenary. With the momentum carrying us into the second half, I then found the feet of senior Kortney Causey who was making a great far post run for her first goal of the season. And lastly, to seal the deal, junior Erika Rautio created an opportunity for herself and scored her first goal of her career at Centenary, unassisted from the top of the box.

As you can see, the Louisiana College game highlighted many firsts for us as individuals and as a team. We were excited to showcase every traveling player and to ride back to Shreveport with our first true season win. 

Friday night, the 10th, we took on another future ASC opponent, Mississippi College, this time on Mayo field.  The Choctaws reside in Clinton, Mississippi, over three and a half hours away from Shreveport. The long day trip did not phase them, however.  The Choctaws came out to Mayo field and gave us a good fight.  Although we scored first as I found Kelly Fossard on a wall pass at the top of the eighteen for a nice left-footed finish, one goal was not enough as Mississippi came back just five minutes later to tie up the game.  Throughout the entire second half the score remained 1-1.  

Unfortunately, overtime was tough for us Ladies.  The Choctaws scored with just 15 seconds left to play in the first overtime and walked off of the field with a golden goal.  We, the returners for next year, are looking forward to redemption next season when we play side by side in the ASC. 

Thank you to all who came out to the field Friday night.  We had a huge crowd full of our brother team- the swimmers, the gymnasts, Greek life, and many supporters from the community.  Words cannot express the rush we feel when we see and hear so much enthusiasm from our fans.  Not only do you fans make it fun and exciting, you also make it worthwhile. 

Tuesday afternoon, the 14th, we will travel down Youree Drive to take on a local opponent, LSUS.  Our next home match is Sunday, the 19th, at 2:00 PM on Mayo.  We hope you will make the short trip to LSUS and will come on over to Mayo Field on the 19th

Before you sign off, meet three more of my teammates.  From Lafayette, Louisiana, just a few hours down the road, all the way to Laguna Beach, California, and Louisville, Colorado, these girls come from all over the place.  All three of them have brought with them to Centenary very unique personalities that I will always cherish.  Enjoy, as you read what makes them...them.

Eren Corapcioglu-Junior/Louisville, Colorado

CR: Major/Minor
EC: Math

CR: Favorite movie?
EC: Remember the Titans

CR: 3 words to describe yourself?
EC: Goofy, Happy, & Smart

CR: On road trips...
EC: I love being able to see new places w/ my best friends

CR: Favorite color?
EC: Pink

CR: You are most happy when...
EC: I am surrounded by family & friends

CR: A place you hope to visit one day...
EC: Italy

CR: What is something you cannot travel without?
EC: My straightener

CR: If you could be one place right now, where would it be?
EC: At the beach in St. Kitts

CR: Laughing is...
EC: One of the essentials to life

CR: A TV show you can't miss?
EC: Jersey Shore

CR: You would definitely sing ____ at karaoke night.
EC: "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus

CR: Dream vacation spot?
EC: Anywhere w/ the beach & clear blue water

CR: Why the number you have on your jersey?
EC: I was born on June 14th

CR: Favorite food?
EC: Chinese food

Emily McManus-Senior/Lafayette, Louisiana

CR: Major/Minor?
EM: Social Studies Education

CR: Favorite professional athlete of any sport?
EM: Drew Brees

CR: 3 words to describe yourself?
EM: Sprinkles, Cats, Soccer

CR: On road trips...
EM: The back seat is the best

CR: A food you can't live without...
EM: Funfetti cupcakes!

CR: Favorite movie?
EM: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

CR: Favorite color?
EM: Yellow

CR: Favorite professional team?
EM: Saints!! Who dat?!

CR: A place you hope to visit one day...
EM: Wherever you can see the Northern Lights the best

CR: You would definitely sing ____ at karaoke night.
EM: "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-A-Lot

CR: What is something that most people don't know about you...
EM: I came out 3rd in an all-you-can-eat King Cake contest (15 pieces in 5 min.)

CR: What are your plans after graduation?
EM: Teach & coach back down below I-10 where it is warmer

CR: Dream vacation spot?
EM: Greece

CR: Why the number you have on your jersey?
EM: 29, my sister's jersey #

CR: If you could be the star in any musical, what would it be?

Holden Penney-Sophomore/Laguna Beach, California

CR: Major/Minor?
HP: Econ/Finance/Business

CR: A food you can't live without...
HP: Seafood gumbo

CR: Favorite quote?
HP: "Rule #76: No excuses.  Play like a champion"- Wedding Crashers

CR: I am most happy when...
HP: I win

CR: You find yourself daydreaming about...
HP: A basketball player

CR: Favorite professional athlete of any sport?
HP: Kobe Bryant

CR: You would definitely sing ____ at karaoke night.
HP: "Oops!...I Did It Again"- Britney Spears

CR: Laughing is...
HP: Necessary

CR: What is something you can't travel without?
HP: Benadryl

CR: A TV show you can't miss?
HP: Grey's Anatomy

CR: After you win you...
HP: Celebrate

CR: What are your plans after graduation?
HP: Law School

CR: 3 words to describe yourself?
HP: Competitive, Fun, Outgoing

CR: On road trips...you
HP: Sleep

CR: Happiness...
HP: Comes w/ winning!

-Candace Rushing