Gym Talk: Stephanie Wright
Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Centenary Ladies fans!

Hello!! This is Stephanie Wright and I am writing to you again, but as a junior this year!! It's crazy how going from a sophomore to a junior felt like such a big step up - I went from being an underclass to an upperclass!  I'm working even harder on being a leader in and out of the gym as I embrace my new role on the team.  Let me give you an inside look at our week....

We started off this week by having a party at our favorite professor's house Dr. Henderson!! We went over to watch the season finale of "The Gates" on ABC.  The reason you ask?  Because it was filmed in Shreveport, some scenes were filmed at Centenary and our coach was a stunt vampire in this episode! Eating pizza and watching our coach on the TV screen was a great way to start out the week.  It was awesome feeling like we had a celebrity coach and THANK YOU to Dr. Henderson for such great hospitality, we really appreciate it!!

This week was also a very special week for us because it was our coach's birthday on Tuesday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRETCHEN!!! We surprised her in the morning with special gifts from the team!

As a team/secondary family we are starting a new tradition this year!! We have a family tree for the team!  Gretchen paired underclassmen (little sisters) with an upperclassmen (big sisters) and of course we have the best mom ever, Gretchen! As of right now the big sisters know who their littles are but the littles have no idea! We have been dropping little hints for the past few days and they have been trying to guess who their potential big sister is! It's been so fun!! We will have a revealing ceremony on Wednesday!! This has already helped our team become more of a family unit!

We ended the week by playing a game of basketball!! There is a witness video up on Facebook that you would not believe!! No one had a clue what we were doing but we made it so fun! Afterwards we had a new appreciation for the sport!! We had a good restful weekend, and are looking forward to a week of fun surprises as well as our revealing party!

Stay tuned to next week's Gymtalk to see what crazy things the Centenary Ladies might do next! Thanks for reading!!!