Gym Talk: Marissa Schneider
Wednesday, October 6, 2010
This is Marisa Schneider and I am going to tell you a little about our family here with the Centenary Gymnastics Team.  I am going on my 4th and final year here at Centenary and the team feels closer than it ever has and more than I thought possible!  We are using our closeness and family atmosphere to develop a sister system this year....complete with a family tree and all!  There is a new life and new excitement having "sisters" especially for those of us that have never had a biological sister.

Our family is wonderful and unique.  Wednesday was an example and of course an extraordinarily interesting day for our family tree revealing party!  The "undies" didn't know who their "upper" was until Wednesday so all week the uppers played mysterious jokes and little ways of letting them know we were thinking of them and care so much about them!  When Wednesday rolled around they were anxious for our 7:00 pm dinner time!  Another trick the uppers had up their sleeve was to text the "undies" and have them bring a certain outfit and meet at an earlier time for a scavenger hunt competition!  It was a race between the freshmen and the sophomores and silly for the rest of the school to see them running around on campus in their outfits!!!  And wow, we sure have a competitive team!!!

The sophomore class, in all their knowledge and memories of the school ended up being the winning class! There were many definite picture perfect moments.  Even though we have our "little sisters" now, it's really a family of 18! Do you know what it feels like to have 16 sisters? It's the best thing you could ever ask for! You always have someone on the team that has different qualities that can help you out. Whether it be with cutting you hair, helping you pick out an outfit, painting nails, helping you with homework, giving you a massage, lending an ear or a shoulder, giving you advice, or just to hang out with. We have an amazing team/family that I don't know what I would have done without!  I can't wait to have this tradition carry on and for me to be a support for the team even 10 years from now!

The weekend earned the sophomore class congratulations for winning the annual "March for Maji" that Centenary Women United Women's Bible study group and the Centenary College Chaplains office hosted.  This event was open to the public and focused on raising funds for the nonprofit organization "The 410 Bridge" and their H2O4K, Water for Kenya Program to help build water wells. (The word Maji is Swahili for water.) The sophomore class did a fantastic job at participating and in this great event, and ended up winning by having the most laps around the school.

The school year is already flying by - I can't believe it is already October!  We had a great relaxing weekend and are rested and ready for what this week with bring!

Check back soon for more updates and stories!