"Front & Center" w/ Candace Rushing
Tuesday, October 12, 2010

As conference games come and go, so do our last moments of being a Division I school. Since the Division III decision, many players have left, and recruiting for a solid Division III school has begun. Although our Summit League opponents walk into each game knowing we are a beatable team due to our circumstances, we have yet to go down without a fight; in fact, we are strong contenders each contest.

Our first conference game this weekend brought us a good IPFW squad. Also attending Mayo field was a great crowd that we enjoyed playing for. IPFW struggled initially, but after fifteen minutes found the back of the net. Despite a strong effort, IPFW was able to capitalize two more times, beating us 3-0.

Sunday, Oakland traveled all the way from Michigan for a 12:00 kick off. The Golden Grizzlies have always had a great program, recording multiple wins each season. Walking out of the locker room, we knew it was going to be a tough game. Oakland, throughout my time here, has been notorious for pushing our buttons. This season has been no different. Oakland played well, finding feet and completing passes, and was able to finish the game on top.

Although this weekend was one of defeat, my team, especially returners for next year, found excitement as well. We hosted two wonderful recruits and officially have our first commitment for the following season. We are making the best of the situation and are moving forward. With a talented recruit committed to our program, we are looking for bigger and better things with the changes ahead.

Wednesday evening, the 13th begins our fall break here at Centenary. Fall break for us, however consists of driving to IUPUI and Western Illinois for Friday and Sunday games. We leave Wednesday night around 8:00 P.M. and are not expected to get back until the following Monday morning, hopefully in time for 8:00 A.M. classes. Keep us in your thoughts as we travel.

Lastly, let me introduce you to three more of my exceptional teammates. Joining the program this season, Kalyn Harris comes to us from next door-the softball field. A standout at first base for the Ladies, she has now made a huge impact for us in goal. Traci Lee comes to us as a transfer from UT-San Antonio-a wonderful soccer program. Since day one, we have been thrilled to have her talent on the field and her wonderful personality as well. Read and see why I am so excited for you to get to know them.

Kalyn Harris-Junior/Bossier City, Louisiana

CR: Major/Minor?
KH: Health and Exercise Science

CR: If you could be on any reality television show, what would it be?
KH: I Love New York- just because she is crazy!

CR: Can't go on the road without...
KH: My Widdle Pookie Pants! My bear if you're wondering!

CR: 3 words to describe yourself...
KH: Fantastic, fantastic, and umm pretty freaking fantastic!

CR: Most embarrassing moment?
KH: When I was younger I crawled under the bed to get something and got my hair caught. When I was getting up, it pulled out a huge chunk of hair and I was basically bald for a while.

CR: What is something others would be shocked to know about you?
KH: What I did last night! ;)

CR: Nickname?
KH: Kay Bay Bay!

CR: Celebrity crush?
KH: Can' tell you- you don't share your crush's name with people- that's VERY bad!

CR: Current homepage on your computer?
KH: You REALLY don't want to know ha!

CR: If you could sing any song at karaoke night, what would it be?
KH: "Oops...I did it again..."

CR: Centenary soccer...
KH: I think the dots after explain it perfectly- Haha J/K- it's great, I love it!

CR: Future goals...
KH: To sky dive, actually!

CR: Favorite food?
KH: Chicken!

CR: Favorite quote?
KH: "I'm trapped in a maze, therefore I am AMAZING" :) Lil Wayne baby!

Traci Lee-Sophomore/Tyler, Texas

CR: Major/Minor
TL: Biology

CR: Favorite movie?
TL: Hitch

CR: 3 words to describe yourself?
TL: Sarcastic, Kind, and Friendly

CR: On road trips...
TL: I have to sleep otherwise I don't feel good

CR: Favorite color?
TL: Yellow

CR: You are most happy when...
TL: I have no school work to do.

CR: A place you hope to visit one day...
TL: France

CR: What is something you cannot travel without?
TL: My phone

CR: If you could be one place right now, where would it be?
TL: Home with family

CR: Laughing is...
TL: Necessary in life

CR: A TV show you can't miss?
TL: Grey's Anatomy

CR: You would definitely sing ____ at karaoke night.
TL: I would never sing at karaoke night

CR: Dream vacation spot?
TL: Australia

CR: Why the number you have on your jersey?
TL: Because it was my favorite one out of the choices I had.

CR: Favorite food?
TL: Chicken spaghetti

-Candace Rushing