Gym Talk: Jessica Lieblich
Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Hello! I'm Jessica Lieblich, a sophomore, ready to talk to you about another exciting week with the Centenary Ladies!

This week we began school again after our fun filled fall break. Everyone was refreshed and had lots of energy after a fun and relaxing break. The Ladies started the week with an early morning practice that was filled with loud cheering, support, and encouragement from teammates. In the middle of the week we had a passion filled meeting talking about our mission as a team for the year.  The final product?

One heart.

With an Uncommon Beat.

No Excuses. 

We are Unbreakable!

As the week progressed and we began to live out our motto, practices began to get more exciting because of our awesome assignments that consisted of drills, new skills, and ROUTINES! The climax practice of the week was Saturday when we got to show off our beautiful beam routines! Everyone on the team rock these routines by hitting their big skills and by showing so much confidence!!! 

Not only did we have great practices this week but we had seven recruits come visit our wonderful school! The recruits arrived on Thursday and Friday and man were they a blast! It was awesome because they got to watch us practice and see what it was like to be part of a family filled with love and support! Having some many recruits was so awesome because we got to meet so many other girls that love to do gymnastics too!

Our weekend was also filled with so many fun and exciting activities! I have to say that I have never been to so many Centenary sports games in one weekend! It was so cool to support our teams and to hang out with teammates and recruits!

First on Friday, We decided to paint up with pink and white paint for the Think Pink volleyball game. Each of us painted a letter on our stomachs and when we lined up it spelled, "We Love Our Ladies!" The volleyball team played great and you could really see their heart for the game. After the volleyball game we headed over to the woman's soccer game! That night it was Senior night for the Ladies soccer team, so it was great that we were able to come support them! It was great to see them pull out a win for their senior night! You may think that supporting two teams in one evening would be enough, but not for our team!  We went right over to cheer on the baseball team next! What a great way to show our Centenary pride and spirit!

On Saturday, we again wanted to support our school teams so we painted up for our fellow swim team! We all came into the swim meet with smiling and cheery faces and did our best to cheer our team on! We were even on the pool deck and got splashed on the last relay.

Every team played so hard and did so amazing! It was great to have been able be there as a team to show our support to Centenary sports teams as an athletic department!

This week was filled with so many exciting practices and lots of team spirit. It was so awesome to be able to share our lives with the recruit and to extend our family love to the people around us. It also so cool to have been able to not only support each other but to extend that support to the other teams that are apart of our school! 

P.S. Fans: Check out the new video we posted on YouTube featuring "teamwork."