Gym Talk: Maille Vetros
Monday, November 1, 2010
Hey friends, family, and fans!  I hope you all have had an amazing week!  My name is Maille and I am a senior this year at Centenary! 

It feels like it was just yesterday when I was moving into Cline, and somehow time has gone by so fast, that I am approaching my final semester at Centenary College.  This past week was short and sweet. 

We had some great practices earlier in the week where we were able to use all of the new basic skills we have been consistently practicing, and put them into our bigger skills that we will eventually be competing! 

The Ladies were on fire Tuesday afternoon at practice!  We had a "mock" competition lineup on vault which put some pressure on the vaulters and encouraged them to go all out and make their vaults as big as possible! 

I love saluting before I get ready to perform on an event because it feels more realistic to a competition.  The Ladies also had an assignment on floor that consisted of standing up five of each tumbling pass.  You could really see and feel the dedication and commitment during that specific floor rotation.  The girls were moving extremely fast and making EVERY turn count!

 Everyone was working super hard and sweating a lot which is always a good thing! And just for the fun of it, the WHOLE team including Gretchen talked with British accents throughout the entire practice on Thursday.  It was hilarious!!

On Tuesday night the Ladies were blessed with the arrival of Summer Nelson who is an Alum of the University of Utah.  Summer flew in from Idaho in order to choreograph some of the Ladies new 2011 floor routines!

 I got to go first and let me tell you, Summer is LEGIT and so is my new routine!!  She is so creative and really opened my eyes up to new moves that I never thought I could do. 

Expecting the Unexpected definitely part-took in my choreography session because I learned my whole routine on the basketball court in the fitness center while women's basketball and intramurals were taking place! 

Summer and the Ladies worked really hard in perfecting the different routines and making them unique and entertaining.  We can't wait to compete these new routines for our fans this coming season!

After working hard all week on routines, in the gym, and conditioning, we were given the weekend off to rest, get caught up with school work, and I got the opportunity to fly home and see my cousin play in his final college football game! 

It was so awesome to see my family and friends from home and get to spend some quality time together.  While I was away, the Ladies participated in some Fall festivities including working a carnival Friday, helping out at Pumpkin Run on Saturday and helping at the Methodist Madness on Sunday.

Even when the Ladies aren't in the gym we pride ourselves on helping out the community in any way possible.  I hope everyone had a great Halloween and got LOTS of treats...but not too many!

On Wednesday night we arrived at Gretchen's house for Team Time, however we were suprised by a folder on her door that gave us explicit instructions as to what to do for a Halloween Scavenger Hunt!! We were split into groups of 4 and our team names were The Ghosts, Jack-O-Lanterns, Black Cats, and the Witches!! She had us going all over town trying to figure out clues and take pictures of random spots!

The best part is, we were all decked out in costumes, face paint included!! It was so spontaneous and so creative! We all had a blast and ended up at Dr. Henderson's house for a home cooked meal and caramel apples!! Check out the pictures attached so you can get a better image of what we looked like as we were scurrying around Shreveport on this wild hunt!!

-Maille Vetros