Gym Talk: Melody Smith
Monday, November 15, 2010
Hello Gymtalk fans! My name is Melody Smith.  I am a junior and will be the one writing to you this week! 

First of all, Monday was a great day for the Ladies!  For conditioning we went on a joy run around the school. We skipped and twirled around Jones Rice Field! It was so much fun and the weather was beautiful!  We also got to swim! 

It was nice because we were able to loosen up our tight muscles.  The Ladies also made it a lot of fun because we were so loud, cheerful, and positive! Tuesday we had our normal practices, and Wednesday we had team time!  Team time was really short, but we got a lot of important topics covered.  Thursday and Friday the Ladies worked on routines in preparation for the intrasquad competition on Saturday.  The intraquad was AWESOME! The Ladies had a fantastic time!

It was our first time showing and throwing full out routines with our meet hair and makeup and long sleeved leos and we rocked it!  It was so awesome to see the freshmen step up to the challenge and show off their routines for the first time in their Centenary leotards! Good job freshmen!! 

In the intraquad, upperclassmen competed against the underclassmen, and the team with the highest percentage of made routines won the meet!  And the team that lost had to make ice bags for the winning team for a week.  Well the UPPERS won for the second year in a row! Way to go uppers!! But overall, it was an awesome experience because we got to see exactly where all of our flaws are in our routines. 

Now that we know our problems, we can work extra hard to fix them over the next two months before our first home meet on January 8th!  Hope to see y'all there!  Also the Ladies are starting to sell t-shirts and polos! 

Marisa and Brittany are doing a great job helping with the design as well as our marketing and promotions department and they look fantastic!  If you would like a shirt, just contact one of your Centenary Ladies!

Well that is it for this week.  Thanks for reading. Be sure to tune in to Gymtalk next week so you can hear about our last week before Thanksgiving Break.  Bye and have a great week!!

-Melody Smith

P.S. I attached pictures from our intrasquad for yall!