Gym Talk: Cassie Warden
Monday, December 6, 2010
Hello, family, friends, fans, and other followers of the Centenary Ladies Gymnastics team! The temperature is finally starting to drop (for a few days at a time at least), the leaves are starting to change colors, and the Ladies are back in Shreveport after Turkey Day break! Gobble gobble! But the only difference is. . . IT'S OFFICIALLY COMPETITION SEASON!!! WOOHOO!!!

This week was based around preparation for the competition season. After sharing a round of hugs with everyone and showing everyone my new haircut (I donated 12 inches to Locks of Love for the fourth time!), it was time to get down to business! Our daily quote provided by Gretchen was "expect the unexpected." As a result, the team did a mini-intrasquad on beam, floor, and bars. I only competed on beam, but the experience was very helpful because my whole team was cheering for me while I was up, and loud music was playing, too! It was just like being at a competition! The rest of the team really rocked out all of their routines! I can't wait for everyone to see our Ladies shine oh-so brightly!

For Monday's conditioning, the team was surprised to be led by our senior and student coach, Laura Loy! She has not coached us for conditioning yet this year, so it was a different experience! Laura was tough on us, but the team still had a good time with her! We were so impressed with her workout and absolutely loved it!

This week we also had our first photo shoot of the year for our poster! It was exciting to see everyone with their hair and makeup fixed as if they were about to compete! Everyone looked absolutely, positively gorgeous! During the photo shoot, we were unfortunately only able to get the uppers their shots, but not to worry! That's what rescheduling is for!

During Team Time on Wednesday, the team started brainstorming fun ideas and activities for our first home meet in the Gold Dome on January 8th! We came up with some really cool and amazingly ideas, so you shouldn't miss out on this! It will be the most fun gymnastics competition you will ever experience!

Also at Team Time, Gretchen gave us a little present. She provided each team member their very own gymnastics journal! Now we can keep records of how our practices are going and notes of which corrections help the most! Then she let us decorate the journals whichever way we wanted with paint markers, stickers, and inspirational quotes and pictures! It was so cool to see how creative and artistic the team can be!

Thursday spin class was one of the most fun ones yet, in my opinion. No visitors showed up to the class that morning; it was just the gymnastics team. So we decided to get in a tight circle and do spin to our floor music! We even imagined doing a warm up and walk out, just like a competition. This whole week made competition season seem so close! It's super duper exciting!

On Friday we were surprised by another guest conditioning coach, Dr. Daniel Henderson, a professor and team friend! He was quite the runner, and still is, so you can imagine what we did! As with Laura, Dr. Henderson was tough, but his conditioning was really cool and different! All the girls appreciated him doing it!

It is now December, and 'tis the season! The season for the Centenary Ladies to dominate our first competition on January 8th in the Gold Dome! As you can tell, we've been working hard and are ready to show off what we've been working for, so prepare to be amazed! Until next time, this is freshman, Cassie Warden, signing off. Adios, siyonara, tootle-loo, and goodbye!