Gym Talk: Lauren Carlton
Tuesday, December 21, 2010
Hey all, it's junior, Lauren Carlton here to fill you in.  This past week the Centenary Ladies have been hitting the books hard studying for finals!   We have now finished this semester of classes and have completed the majority of our pre-season.  This means it is time for us to go home, relax with old friends, and spend some quality time with our families for the holidays!  Most of the girls went home as soon as they finished up their finals, but a few of us stayed till Saturday in Shreveport.  This gave us the opportunity to help out at a Mudbugs hockey game on Friday night where we got to wear the players jerseys, help them sell some raffle tickets, and even sit front row at the game! This was the closest I had ever sat to the action in a hockey game; fights were happening literally right in front of our eyes, it was pretty intense!

Saturday morning the rest of us left Shreveport to go back to our homes as our other teammates have already done! Luckily I am not the only one on the gymnastics team who lives in Tennessee.  One of my fellow Junies, Melody, also lives there so she was able to keep me company on our long drive back to Nashville.  I'm glad that she will be staying here with her sister before they go back to Memphis.  Hopefully she will be able to come practice with me at my club gym, Let it Shine Gymnastics, were I cannot wait to work out while I'm home and see my amazing teammates, coaches, and friends there.  It will be awesome if Melody could work out with me there so we can have the chance to keep each other pumped and motivated for season which will be here before we know it!

Yup, that's right season is almost here! Just because we have a break from school definitely does not mean a break from gymnastics.  We will go to our club gyms and get some good hard work done because when we return to campus January 2nd its go time! We will have less than a week to put the finishing touches on our routines and get ready to take on Texas Woman's University for our home opener on January 8th.  This meet is going to be a big one; it is the first of only two home meets we will host this year.  So to kick off the season we have inflatable bounce houses as well as raffles for Happy Bellies, Strawn's pie, and Pie Works pizza.  We are hoping for a lot of the community to come and really hope to see a lot of students come back a day early to enjoy the fun we have planned!

Since this meet will be the seniors last first meet ever, I thought I would share with y'all some of their thoughts on it. Maille had quite a few things to say about how she felt, "It's bittersweet.... I have way too many emotions about it, not only is it my last season of collegiate gymnastics but its legit my LAST season of gymnastics ever so it's just crazy... I've been doing gym since I was 3 years old; it's all I've ever done. This break will be my last time going to my club gym to practice which that in itself is nuts. I am so excited to compete, we've worked our whole lives to do college gymnastics and make it to this point. All of the hard work, dedication, commitment, hours involved practicing, driving to the gym, sweating, crying, mentally and emotionally pushing yourself to the limit, bleeding hands, and sore bodies, all comes down to these next 4 months. I'm so thankful to have been given this opportunity and I just want to leave with lifetime memories & no regrets."  I'm sure the other seniors feel some of these very same things.  I know I'm ready to work hard and make this the best season yet, not only for myself but for our seniors who have put more into this than any of us! I want to make this season amazing for them so they have nothing but great memories to leave this sport with!

Also since this is the freshmen's FIRST college meet ever, I wanted to share some things they were most excited about beginning their college career.  Christine said," I am looking forward to it because competition season is my favorite part about gymnastics and I love the rush of holding your breath for your teammate and mentally going through their routine in your mind, doing your best to be there for them." She also said she was excited to be in a college meet!

 I am definitely looking forward to the freshmen starting their journey as collegiate gymnasts.  There is honestly nothing like completing in a college meet.  The feeling you have right before starting your routine, knowing you have all your teammates right there behind you, your coach standing right next to you, and friends, family, and professors watching you from the stands.  It truly is an amazing experience and I'm ready for the freshmen to know what this feels like!  Thanks for tuning in, have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and we look forward to seeing and hearing you in the stands on January 8th, 7:00 PM in the Gold Dome!!!