Swimming Set for Annual Training Trip
Sunday, January 2, 2011
SHEVEPORT-The Centenary men's and women's swimming teams will pack up and travel across the country to Panama City, Florida to gear up for their 4th annual training trip this week.

Every year during the first week of January the swim team travels to warmer climates for a week filled with tough, quality practices and sunny weather. 

"The training trip is a perfect way to start off the semester.  Without the distraction of school work and school life, the team is really able to focus on swimming," said head coach Butch Jordan.

"It's a great week for everyone, and the despite having grueling practices, the team enjoys it because let's face it, they're on a beach."

On last year's trip to Panama City, the swim team was in for a surprise as Florida was in the middle of a cold spell, setting record low temperatures throughout the week they were there. However, it didn't affect the Ladies and Gents.

"We had amazing practices on last year's trip, despite the cold weather," said team captain Cassie Cloutet. 

"I think it really set us up to do well at our conference meet." 

Last season the Ladies and Gents placed 4th and 2nd place respectively at the conference meet, setting multiple teams records in the process. 

"I'm positive this year's trip will be just as successful.  And it looks like we will be having much warmer weather!" said Cloutet.