Gym Talk: Jessica Lieblich
Monday, February 14, 2011
Hi everyone! It's Jessica here again to talk about another amazing week on the Centenary gymnastics team! This week was altogether fun and hard work. We strived to work on detail and consistency on all the skills in our routines. After such an amazing weekend filled with so many unexpected twists and turns, we were ready to get back into the gym to continue to improve our routines.

We started the week off with a day of rest to recuperate. It was great to just relax, hang out with friends, or catch up on homework. On Tuesday, we jumped back into the gym to begin working on each of the skills in our routines. After such a successful meet, we were all full of energy and life as we came into practice. Our main focus was working on the details of our skills, trying to make them as perfect as possible. You could tell that everyone was ready to work hard, yet enjoy the sport they love! Because of all the focus on detail, so many awesome changes were seen in leap and jumps. We did drills to improve our leaps, like using weights, and by the end of the week, everyone's leaps were looking so beautiful!

Conditioning was different this week also. We focused on improving our strength by lifting more weights. We also performed sprints to get those fast twitch muscles. Even though conditioning was more intense this week, we helped and supported each other through the entire workout! We also had such awesome attitudes! It felt nice to get done and feel like you had given it your all during workout!

The last day of conditioning, we played kickball on the basketball court! After all the hard work, it was so much fun to enjoy playing a game with teammates. We split into two teams each coming up with their own names. The first team called themselves the Lushes, Indulgent Lammmbs and the other team was known as the Toilets. Each team gave it their all as they tried to become the champions. The Lushes, Indulgent Lambs proved that they had awesome kicking abilities by beating the Toilets seven to four. Even though the Toilets did not exactly flush the competition, they did great and showed great athletic ability. Overall, everyone had a great time playing kickball together.

This week was definitely filled with great gymnastics and much improvement on skills and routines. I cannot wait to see the great improvements that will happen in the weeks to come!  Hope you all have a great week, and Happy Valentine's Day!