Gym Talk: Maille Vetros
Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hello fellow Lady Supporters,

Another week has gone by and we are now one week closer to our competition expedition!  Since I am filling you in on how this past week has gone, you're going to have to wait until next week's GymTalk to find out how our next competition goes. 

  On Sunday we had an "open gym" practice.  This is one of my favorite types of practice because Gretchen literally says "do your thing" and lets us go to any event and do any assignment we want.  For example, if a girl practices all-around, she can use this type of practice to concentrate solely on one or two specific skills on an event, opposed to all four.  We had the whole gym to ourselves so we blasted some good tunes and spread out all over the place!  It was a very successful and exciting practice that got the team pumped up for a great week.

On Monday (Valentine's Day) the team got a spontaneous random text from Gretchen early in the morning that said "Surprise, I am giving you the day off, so go spend some quality time with your loved ones and do something good for yourself!"  WOOO HOO!! We LOVE spur-of-the-moment texts!  And I had a FABULOUS day off!  Makensie and I made a delicious dinner, lit a few pretty candles and watched a movie!  It was such a relaxing day and allowed the whole team to mentally and physically prepare for the intense week ahead!

During Tuesday practice the FRESHIES stepped up on beam!  They were the first ones to get up on the beam and complete the assignment which motivated the rest of the Beam Queens to step it up!  Great job Freshies!! And conditioning Tuesday night was an unforgettable endeavor.  The Ladies were challenged to complete multiple sprints in a certain amount of time.  Although we went through a bit of a rough patch at one point and were unsuccessful at excelling onto the next sprint cluster, we once again came together as a team and pumped each other up and busted out the rest of the sprints and successfully complete the task!  This was another reminder that when we are all on the same page together, nothing can stop us!!

he rest of the week FLEW by and consisted of even more improvements in the gym and more time for preparing to dominate these competitions coming up!  I feel the need to elaborate that my team is truly one-of-a-kind.  I 100% know that there is not a team like us anywhere else in this world.  Each week my mind is blown away by the passion, dedication, trust, love, and memories that we continue to develop.  We all genuinely care about one another and our bond can only grow stronger.

We had Saturday off so the majority of the team went to watch the Women's Basketball game at the Gold Dome.  This was their "Think Pink" game and they were giving out pink basketball shirts so it was really cool!  Five of the gymnasts were asked to play a short game of bball during half-time.  So, five of us played against the Zeta's and let's just say that we need to stick with the sport of gymnastics.  After that we headed over to the baseball field to watch our brother team play in their double header against Louisiana College.  The weather was beautiful and the guys won their first game so it was a great day!

The next few months are going to FLY by with all of the traveling and competing we will be doing.  I am so excited to have a competition every weekend!!  This coming week will definitely need to be full of consistency and positivity!  I can't wait!!  Have a great week everyone!!