Blog: Last Time Out w/ Candace Rushing
Monday, August 29, 2011
Welcome, fans!  Today marks my final first blog of a season as a Centenary women's soccer player.  Although it saddens me to know that the end is near, I could not be more thrilled to start a new season.  This time around my blog is going to be titled "Last Time Out" and will be posted every Monday of the season at Noon.  Make sure to stay tuned for getting game updates, meeting my teammates, and discovering the inside scoop on the Centenary women's soccer team.

Three wonderful teammates and myself make up the senior class this season.  Eren Corapcioglu, Laura Immenschuh, and Catlin Orschel will be by my side throughout our final turn as Ladies this fall.  We will do our best to lead five juniors, two sophomores, and nine freshmen teammates to victories.  Our newcomers hail from all over the country including a handful of Louisianans, a few Texans, a Missouri native and a Connecticuter.

Division III does not allow much preparation time before season begins, however our Head Coach Glenn Evans and our new Assistant Coach Justin Neese have done a wonderful job of preparing us thus far for a successful road ahead.  The four seniors are looking forward to competing in a new conference and leaving a lasting impression behind while the rest of my teammates are aiming to edge a spot near the top of the conference and stay put for seasons to come.

Rather than pass out surveys to my teammates like last year, this year I have decided to add video to my blog.  Every week, instead of reading about my teammates, you all will actually see them and hear from them.  Before I introduce you to my teammates, however, I feel it is necessary to kick off my blog with an introduction from Coach Evans.  Make sure you check it out before you sign off. 

Thanks, again for reading.  Remember to stay tuned every Monday at Noon for a new edition of "Last Time Out" with me, Candace Rushing.