Blog: Tearing Down the Net w/ Tate McIntyre
Tuesday, September 6, 2011
Hi everyone, welcome back for this season's second installment of Tearing Down the Net.

After a short yet successful preseason that culminated in our 1-1 tie with Austin College, Thursday rolled around and it was time to take the field against Texas College for our first official game. As usual, when we first arrived in the locker room some three hours before the game, the atmosphere was very loose as everyone was excited to finally get the season underway. However, as time went on and we began to progress through the warm-ups, the team took on a more serious and businesslike approach. Warm-ups ended and as the Ladies soccer team finished their impressive victory (also against Texas College) it was our time to head over to the sidelines and make any final preparations for the game. Before we knew it the lineups had been announced, both teams had taken the field, and the initial whistle blew.

Although we had heard some negative things about Texas College, we still knew we had the talent to beat them if we played up to our potential. While we dominated large chunks of the first half, Texas College repeatedly fouled our players in an attempt to break up our attacks and the majority of the time they were not even penalized. We were able to take a lead into half time after Ben Barcelona and Gabe Zahm were able to put away chances before Texas College scored a goal of their own right before the end of the half. While we had the lead, there was quite a bit of tension mounting on our due to several obstacles we couldn't control, wasted goal scoring chances and an occasional lack in teamwork. 

The tension reached a new level early in the second half when Texas College took the ball down the left side and created a chance that resulted in the game tying goal. From that point on we played with a sense of desperation, as we did not want to get off to a poor start to the season against a team we should have beaten handily. The game became very chippy as a number of hard fouls were committed and the occasional scuffle broke out. Off a broken play Marcos Rodriguez was able to put in a long range shot and we took a 3-2 lead. Shortly after, Ben Barcelona rounded the goalkeeper and slid the ball into the goal to give us a 4-2 lead, which was ultimately the final score of the game. 

While the game was not pretty and could have gone much better, a win is a win and we had started the season off on the right foot. A twelve day gap in between games will help our team to recover from some of the minor injuries suffered in the game and everyone (aside from myself) should be full strength for our anticipated game with LSUS on Monday, September 12th. Food will be sold at the game and the proceeds will go to the March of Dimes organization, so everyone is strongly encouraged to come out and cheer us on while benefiting a good cause at the same time. Lastly I would like to congratulate the Gents' freshmen who contributed to a win in their first career game, and also the Ladies for opening their season with a win. Hopefully this past Thursday was a sign of things to come, and we look forward to your continued support.