Blog: Last Time Out w/ Candace Rushing
Monday, September 19, 2011
To end our emotional week following the ULM and NEOSU games, we faced LSUS in the Mayor's Cup last Monday.  It was apparent that our previous matches and the feelings that went along with them had not been forgotten quickly enough as the LSUS game began.  The Pilots were able to bring us down to their pace of play and keep the tempo of the game at a level that we were not used to.  For some reason or another, we could not pick up the rhythm and put the outcome of the game in our hands.  The score went back and forth until near the end of the second half when LSUS finished its third goal of the game, leaving us with just two.  It was shocking to fall in a match that we were expected to win easily, however any team can be beaten on any given night.  Congratulations to LSUS and Mike Aguilar for taking home the first Mayor's Cup trophy. 

Following Monday came our first off day in over a week.  With games being played back-to-back, we were not able to rest our minds and bodies.  Tuesday was very much needed and seemed to be helpful as Wednesday rolled around.  Wednesday night's training session went well.  Game after game allows little to no time for hard-nosed sessions, rather stretching, loosening legs up, and discussion of shape and style.  Finally, we were able to play on Wednesday and fix some areas that we were lacking in.  Our minds and bodies were able to recover for the weekend as our first ASC opponents, Schreiner and Texas Lutheran, came to town.

The whistle blew on Friday afternoon and immediately- a different air to our team was evident.  After being in such a low place, losing three in a row, we set our goals at a reasonable mark, hoping to slowly but surely become more confident in ourselves and in our team, thus leading us to succeed.  Our main focus was simply to, "Let's play well" on Friday.  Throughout the week, senior Laura Immenscuh and I discussed what our objectives for the weekend should entail.  After jumping all over the page saying, "Let's dominate every second!" to "Let's have fun," we compromised to, "Let's play well".  It seemed to pay off.

Although our tempo of the game was again at our opponent, Schreiner's level, throughout portions of the match, we were also able to pick it up as well.  Unfortunately, we could not finish our chances when we had them.  Regulation time ended and the score was tied 0-0.  It would not be until double overtime when junior Holden Penney secured the win for us.  After a wonderful through ball from freshman Carly Slovensky, Penney, with great composure, beat the keeper one-on-one and gently placed the ball in the back of the net.  The game may not have been as pretty as we would have liked, but a win is a win, and that is what we needed to get back on the right foot and in the winning column again.

Just twenty-four hours from Friday's game start, we faced another ASC opponent, Texas Lutheran.  Still on a high from winning our first conference game, we decided to take control of this one as well.  Throughout the 90 minutes of play, we dominated.  I was able to capitalize on a penalty kick, Penney again, found the back of the net, and freshman Hannah Pfannenstiel secured her first collegiate goal.  The final score was 3-1, us.  How great it feels to be 2-0 in conference and back on track to a successful season. 

Our next competition day is this Thursday as we travel to take on conference opponent, Louisiana College in Pineville, Louisiana.  Following Thursday is a Saturday game at Mississippi College in Jackson, Mississippi.  Stay tuned to GoCentenary.com for game updates. 

Before you sign off, I want to congratulate the men's soccer team for also being 2-0 in conference as they secured two great wins this weekend as well.  See the footage from the interviews after both our game and the men's game on Saturday afternoon below.  Until next time...

-Candace Rushing