Gym Talk: Coach Jackie Fain
Wednesday, October 5, 2011
Hello Centenary Gymnastics Fans!

This week's Gym Talk is being brought to you by Coach Jackie Fain!  I thought it would be nice to hear about how our Ladies have been doing from the coach's perspective, so I will be writing a few Gym Talks throughout the year.

I have been here at Centenary for almost 6 weeks already; boy time sure does fly when you're busy!  I have been spending a lot of time in the office trying to get things organized and ready to roll for our student-athletes as they started school and adjusted back to the college life!  Also trying to help our freshies adjust to being away from home, more demanding course loads, and learning how to manage their precious time with so much to do!  I have enjoyed getting to know all of the awesome Ladies on this team and I am very impressed with this group as a whole.

We are still in the open-gym/voluntary work-out phase of our pre-season.  This means the Ladies have times when the gym is open and they can come in and do voluntary training; they can also do strength and conditioning outside of the gym on their own.  The Ladies are such a dedicated group of athletes with big goals for this team so they decided to get together on their own and do conditioning and strength training.  They started out by having the seniors run their sessions, then the juniors did it for a few weeks, and now the sophomores are keeping everyone moving! I have heard they have a blast, but of course work hard, during these sessions.  They are also enjoying a lot of the fitness classes that are offered here at Centenary, which are a lot of fun too!

I have given the Ladies my expectations as far as what they should be doing when we start our official practices, this way they are able to plan their work-outs both in the gym and when they condition.  They are working hard at being ready to go at that first official practice, which will be coming later this month!  We are all very excited to start our official practices as we are anxious to be training for our upcoming competition season.

The Ladies have also been doing some community service activities this fall, they are always ready to step up and help out with smiles for everyone.  There are many Ladies on the team that are involved all over the campus here at Centenary as well; some are student ambassadors, part of the student government association, on the student-athlete advisory committee, part of the Christian Leadership Center and I am sure many other activities that I don't even know about yet!  I am learning more about these amazing young women every day!

We are into the semester and rolling right along here in Shreveport, next week is mid-terms and fall break already!  Things are happening at lightning speed and before you know it we will be sending out our Gym Talk with updates on our first two meets of the season!  We will be traveling to Michigan the first week-end in January for two road meets, brrrrr ....  So stay tuned as the Centenary Ladies keep you updated on what is happening with your team!