Gym Talk: Christy Martinez
Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Hello everyone!!! 

This is Christy Martinez with this week's Gym Talk. I am a junior on the gymnastics team this year, which is hard to believe, because it seems like just yesterday I was an incoming freshman. This semester is flying by! This week you will see the Ladies studying hard for midterms so we can achieve our team goal of a 3.4 GPA.  After classes on Wednesday, many of the Ladies will be heading home for fall break! Over fall break all of the Ladies will continue to work diligently in the gym so we can meet some more gymnastics landmarks when we return!

This past Thursday and Friday we had our first recruit on campus. She stayed with sophomores, Christine and Robyn. We showed her around campus, took her to a soccer game, baseball scrimmage, the play, The Glory of Living, and she was even able to come watch us at a practice. For her last activity in Shreveport we had a team dinner at Shane's where we were able to get to know her better and have fun as a team.

On Saturday, for class Coach Jackie had some fun team activities and a field trip set up for us! We started the night with a getting to know you activity. We walked around and "introduced" ourselves to each other and told the other person something positive about ourselves. In return we would write on the other person's back (they had a piece of paper taped there) something positive about them.  We continued the night with a version of charades, helping us learn how to communicate better with our teammates.  We also had a team bonding activity where we had to flip a blanket over without touching the floor, the outcome was pretty funny and indicative of what some of our team goals are for this year!

To conclude the night, Jackie surprised us with a field trip to a haunted house!!! This was a fun and scary time! For some of our teammates this was their very first haunted house experience!  Oh gosh, were they ever funny.  We were able to go through the haunted house in groups of four to five. Some of the girls were not scared at all and played zombie killer with the spooks through-out the house. The group of girls I went with were super scared, including myself! There weren't a whole lot of the spooks I actually saw because I was either closing my eyes or staring at the ground. We were clinging to each other so tightly we couldn't move very well. In fact Lissa and I each lost a flip flop in the house and security had to bring them out for us. Since we couldn't walk very well we were constantly tripping over each other. This added with the fact that I wasn't watching where we were going, led me to bang into a few walls. I definitely have the bruises to show for this! 

We will be on fall break this week, but the Ladies will be staying busy.  Keep checking back to stay updated with what exciting activities the Ladies Gymnastics team will be doing next!